Store of lightning chapter 134: Danger on Ryuyeon!The release date and more!

The lightning degree Chapter 134 will pose another danger on Ryuyeon.The previous chapter recalled various debates among the martial arts communities regarding Ryuyeon.Ryuyeon’s last attack was so powerful that all the eyes of the judges looked at Ryuyeon for some mischievance.What’s more, Ryuyeon’s teacher, Yerin, may not use her secret style of fighting before him.

The upcoming chapter will reveal the specialization of Ryuyeon’s fighting style.What’s more, high authorities and judges in the tournament have double thoughts on the style of Ryuyeon’s fight.It seems that only old warriors like saints are aware of the technical part of Ryuyeon from Ryuyeon himself.Familiarize yourself with the article below to get detailed information about the plot of the next chapter!

Lightning degrees, chapter 134: Danger on Ryuyeon!

Lightning degrees, chapter 134 will expose Ryuyeon to great danger.Cheon’s defeat in the previous chapter caused Ryuyeon many enemies.So they chase him to come up with the idea of Ryuyeon’s quick attack.What’s more, the mentor of the main character asked Ryuyeon to show the style of fighting in slow motion.But it looks like Yerin was watching them.

Maybe even in the upcoming chapter he will use his secret style of fighting on Ryuyeon.The main reason for this theory is that he takes Ryuyeon as a pretender in Manhwa.So there is hope that he will definitely face the warrior in the next chapter.On the other hand, three saints can gain something after searching the stories of dark martial arts.

Quick summary of the last chapter!

133. Chapter Lightning Degree began with a voiceless conversation of Yerin and Ryuyeon.However, Ryuyeon used telepathy to get permission from an ice Phoenix.It was quiet most of the time.But Ryuyeon was still asking a few questions about knowledge and acceptance.But the princess was smart enough to answer them without saying too much.

However, the scene moved and moved to the headquarters of the Ice Phoenix.The secretary of the secret advised Yerin so that he would not use the secret style of the clan struggle while teaching Ryuyeon.What’s more, she warned Yerin that Ryuyeon was stronger than her, so she didn’t have to pair her.On the other hand, Mentor Ryuyeon called him for an urgent conversation at night.

Chapter 134 Lightning: Date of release

Manhwa is delayed again after starting according to the schedule for several weeks.The latest Chapter Manhwy is already a week late compared to the original schedule.Lightning Degree Chapter 134 will be released on October 14, 2022.Stay up to date with the latest Manhwa updates in the only The anime Daily!