Strange jojo adventure: dated stone ocean, part 3

During the second part of Stone Ocean is broadcast from September 1, we finally know when the third part will be available!

The beginning of the school year was quite busy for anime fans.between return

My hero acadekaren


Spy X Family


Blue Lock


man chain saw

Fans could also count on the broadcast of the second part

Bizarre adventures of Jojo: Stone Ocean

from September 1.It covers Chapter 102, so the fans wondered when the third part of the anime is expected to hit the American Streaming Platform Netflix.

A few days ago, the Platform revealed the date of return

Bizarre Adventure jojo: Stoneocean

.This third part, covering sections from 25 to 38, will therefore be available from

December 1, 2022

.This new series, produced by the David Production animation studio (

fire forces



etc.), is an adaptation of the sixth part of the Hirohiko Araki manga, the creator of the series

The bizarre adventure of Jojo


The bizarre adventure of Jojo: Stoneocean, the sixth part of the iconic manga, which is still in the game progress

In 1986

A strange Jojo adventure

It was published for the first time in the Weekly Sh┼Źnen Jump magazine.In 2005 he joined the monthly Ultra Jump, corresponding to a more mature audience.The story, created by Hirohiko Araki, follows the adventures of the Joestar family over many generations, each of which has its own “yo -yo”.The story is currently divided into eight parts.

Stone Ocean

Published in 2000-2003 and consisting of 158 chapters, it is therefore the sixth part of this iconic manga.

We follow Jolyne Kujo, daughter of Jotaro Kujo, accused of murder and sent to prison.There he meets stand White Snake, capable of stealing stand and the soul of his victim, condemning her to a coma and even death.While Father Jolyne was a victim of Stand White Snake, Jolyne decides to unite with other prisoners, including users of Standa.His goal:

Save her father and prove her innocence in accusation of murder.