Stranger Things: This character, which Eleven was originally to kill in season 2

The Stranger Things series returned to the hearts of fans.And one character was to be initially killed by eleven.But who is it?

Stranger Things

has been a great success among users


.After a very popular season 4, fans are eagerly waiting for the arrival of the season 5. For the last time the opportunity to see their favorite characters, because yes, this fifth season will actually be the last of the series.Then we will be able to know the final result

Eleven, Mike, Will, Dustin, Lucas, Max

and the whole city of Hawkins.Everyone brings a breath of fresh air to the series.But initially eleven had to kill an important figure.This event was to take place in season 2. In addition, in these episodes

Eleven, w wykonaniu

Millie Bobby Brown

She was separated from her friends.Then we learned more about the origin of the young woman’s family and we met

Terry, his biological mother


From the beginning of the series, many characters died, to the horror of fans.We will mention in particular Fr.

beloved and deceased Eddie Munson, played by Joseph Quinn

in season 4 or

Have a nice boy Joyce, Bob

, absorbed by “Demoddog” in season 2. But recently the scriptwriters revealed that this second season could be even more bloody and destructive.Indeed, they revealed on Twitter that

Bob should be killed by Will Byers, camped by Noah Schnappa

when he was possessed.But it is not everything !Terry, the biological mother of the eleven, should also die.And this when he was killed by his own daughter.In this famous tweet they explain that

Eleven had to “kill his mother out of pity.”

So why did they finally decide to take a different direction for Terry’s destiny?

Why did the eleven not kill her mother in the end?

In the second season

Eleven meets his biological mother Terry again

And he discovers her in a catatonic state.In particular, because of the electrowstorms, which Dr. Brenner surrendered.In this episode


He was able to establish telepathic contact with his mother.However, in the physical world it is not able to move or communicate.The scriptwriters revealed in this way that if the character incorporated by

Millie Bobby Brown

She killed his mother, probably did it out of mercy, because she would express her desire to die through telepathy.Hence

Killing “pity”

.However, it is unlikely that fans adopt this trade in events positively.Especially since they were already

Very divided into the story of the second season

.So the murder of this catatonic woman would probably cause further controversy about

Stranger Things

.And it seems that the scriptwriters have made the right decision.Because

Stranger Things

achieves indescribable success!