Stranger Things: Will season 5 be a musical?These crazy revelations Millie Bobby Brown

Season 5 Stranger Things will be the last.But can he turn into a musical?Millie Bobby Brown makes crazy discoveries.

Since the premiere, the Stranger Things series has been releasing passions.This dark and exciting program focuses on the story of the eleven, a young girl with strange but powerful power.If he seems to be responsible for creating upside down, many elements still remain mysterious.Season 4 Stranger Things knocked us off.We discovered who was a real great bad series, and teens from Hawkins will not be at the end of their sentences.As we know,

Season 5 of the Netflix series means the end of these amazing stories

, and if Stranger Things fans want to learn more, Millie Bobby Brown made some quite crazy secrets.

Millie Bobby Brown is the Star Stranger Things star.A young woman does not hesitate to talk about the future and the end of the series.Nevertheless, he has

great sense of humor

and his answers are not always serious.In addition, she noted, she loved to be a screenwriter who wrote the Stranger Things final.During the interview with Total Film, the translator Eleven said with amusement: “I would like to be a screenwriter of this finale!

I would make a musical out of it

[…] It would be great, it must end this way!ยป

Millie Bobby Brown desires

If it is unlikely that Stranger Things will end this way, music remains a very current element in the series.In addition, it is possible that the spin-off of this supernatural series will appear in which the possibilities would be infinite.And if the fans of the series dream of seeing

Millie Bobby Brown

, the actress explained that she already means many projects.On the other hand, she would be ready

Lead a new young girl in this iconic role.

At the moment, the release date of the last season Stranger Things has not been announced, but it promises to be amazing.