“Such a difficult day”, Carla Moreau speaks after the Belle-Kevin scandal and publishes important information

Carla Moreau is again active in her social networks.And she just threw a big clue about her current situation.We’ll tell you more here.

Belle threw a bomb a few days ago, revealing that she was sleeping with

Kevin Guedj

while filming the battle battle.Revelations that the young man denied it!For her part, Carla Moreau explained: “You can imagine that this type of video is not pleasant to listen to.

Yes, I’m very nervous.

Not very.After all that I went through in my life

This will not make me feel bad

.But more for my daughter.We live in France.It is not easy to bring him to school when it happened the day before.As for the rest of the story,

I will tell you as soon as I can.

I will share with you my point of view, my feelings, what happened during this session, as well as what was said in this film.

I’ll do it soon


As for Belle, she decided to make a movie on YouTube to explain everything.She said that they would burn together in the interrogation room around 5 am.She added: ”

I said we went too far and we must go to sleep

.He already had contact with a honey young woman.Actually, only I confess to mistakes and put on (…) Kevin took me aside in front of my room.He told me not to talk about it because he had a family.He added: “Anyway, if you say it, you won’t make your career!”

Carla Moreau takes off the wedding ring

After releasing this movie

Carla Moreau

And Kevin Guedj did not react.But the silence of a young woman said a lot … It turns out that throughout this day Carla Moreau was inactive on social networks.It wasn’t until the end of the day that she caught the phone to publish several locations of the product.And in his first film he writes: “We are starting this difficult day.”

Looking carefully, we noticed that Carla Moreau took off the wedding ring …

A very strong gesture that leaves room for any assumptions!