SUPER MARIO BROS: Actor Mario interrupts silence

The original actor Mario spoke social media after supporting fans after broadcasting the first trailer of the film Super Mario Bros.

Just a week ago, the fans discovered the first trailer of Super Mario Bros .. Film.The review, which was unanimous about the quality of animation, but on the other hand, the interpretation of the plumber is a different story.Chris Pratt was quickly dismantled in social networks, and players called for the return of Charles Martinet, an emblematic actor of the hero.The latter also spoke on this topic.

Charles Martinet speaks after trailer of the movie Super Mario Bros

Chris Pratt did not lie, his performance is nothing like what we were.I have heard Mario in the universe so far.And for a reason, the plumber’s voice has been rejected for the benefit of the Hollywood star for 30 years.The first paintings made fans disappointed and many expressed their anger.The decision to replace Charles Martinet the actor Jurassic World was imitated and was perceived by many as an insult to his talent, but also for the profession itself.

Quick, Mario actor came out of silence to express his gratitude. “Thank you to everyone!Your love and goodness mean more to me than you can imagine.They honestly moved my heart.My little eyes look so damp today.”However, Martinet fans will be able to find a voice that is so expensive in the next Mario games because he intends to incorporate him” for the rest of his life. “Americans will simply have to support Chris Pratt during the movie Super Mario Bros.At the house of VF, he aroused jealousy in humans and was hailed on the other side of the Atlantic.