“Sutek”: Rapper Maes publicly declares the Booba war

Rapper Maes decided to take revenge and officially declare the Booba war.The singer throws large files on his new rival.

In the past, both rappers were very close.Maes and


They already collaborated with each other.But for a few days nothing has been going well between them.Recently, the banknote translator has been

accused of betraying his wife

with the Reality TV candidate Maeva Ghennam.In several audio recordings broadcast on social networks, we can really hear how the singer talks in detail about his night spent with a nice brunette.But now Maes finally denied these rumors.

Booba actively reacted to this controversy.Especially

it is not hesitating to display maes

on your Twitter account.He would even accuse him of homophobia.But here, Prince Boulogne finally decided to apologize after hearing the real version of the story.So he confessed to his mistakes.Now he decided to leave Maes alone.However, the young rapper decided not to forgive him.For several days he has been fighting with Booba.He did not hesitate to throw large files to his rival.

Maes threw numerous slips on the booba

Yesterday the rapper aroused controversy again.Indeed, a few years ago Maes beat and kidnapped the blogger Aqababe.The video recording from the attack was also published on social networks.According to Maes, Prince Boulogne would share this film.In his history on Instagram, the singer wrote: “BOCA Apart from being

traitor, cuckold, coke

, you became a balance.You and your last sluts that go out into the streets to finally call the police #tétonman #leserniersuucers. “That’s why Maes did not hesitate to present his new rival.In particular, he shared a photo of Booba kissing another woman.He also unveiled the video and claimed that B2O’s wife would have a story with Kanye West.On Instagram, Maes is still waving files on his rival.The singer definitely did not say the last word.