Sword Art Online: Aliczyration Lycoris – Nintendo Switch review

Sword Art Online: Aliczation Lycoris “The Underworld Has Gone Portable”

Information about the game:


Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC


Bandai Namco Games



Release date:

September 30, 2022


USD 49.99


T for teenagers


Adventure, RPG


1 (online 1-4)

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Sword Art Online, the most discussed anime of all time. Seriously, how many times do you enter the network or meet with others Otaku and hear that Sword Art Online is loved by someone and hated by another? Needless to say, hatred of Sword Art Online anime is also inclined to GROM. Although we really love this anime series here in Honey’s anime, the games were definitely a mixed bag. Despite this, we like most of the games based on the series, including the newer Sword Art Online: Aliczyration Lycoris, which was released in PlayStation in 2020 4. Adaptation of Alitation Arc from a light novel/anime series, Sword Art Online: Aliczation Lycoris allowed himself some freedom In the story to match it more to the game version, but we liked this experience, despite several minor problems. Now, in 2022, Sword Art Online: Alitation Lycoris was transferred to one of the best hybrid devices in history, Nintendo Switch. Of course, we returned to the world of Kirito and became a black swordsman again, but was it worth it? Let’s find out in our Sword Art Online review: Alitation Lycoris on Nintendo Switch!

Sword Art Online: Aliczyration Lycoris

We will not summarize the whole Sao for you, readers – we think you already know about it – but we can at least partially explain the world of Sword Art Online: Aliczyration Lycoris.Taking the role of Kirito, the real name of Kirigay Kazuto, our hero of the world Sword Art Online was again in the trap of the digital world, which seems more real than any of the Vrmo he has ever played.Fans of this story will know why he was imprisoned here, but we will not break it if you only play games.As a kirito, your goal is to escape from the fantastic world called Underworld, and this will not be an easy task.Fortunately, Kirito is not familiar with the dangers and challenges related to imprisonment in the game, so he is ready and you too.

Probably one of the biggest strength and weaknesses Sword Art Online: Alitation Lycoris is a story.Even if you are a veteran anime/light novel of the world Sao, Sword Art Online: Aliczyration Lycoris has great freedom and you will love how they are developing because they are really addictive!However, fans will also have to get through for several hours – and we mean real hours – to get to this new content, and even with the so -called lightplay mode, which skipped many information known to fans, you will still try to skip as much as possible to get as possibleto this sweet new content.

Sword Art Online: Aliczyration Lycoris

Being the famous black swordsman of the world, Kirito does not despise the fight, and you will feel his strengths playing alone.As with most of the action RPG games, Sword Art Online: Aliczyration Lycoris allows players to use light/heavy attacks to deal damage to enemies and various arts that can be unlocked with a deep skill tree, which takes some time to fully unlock!You will not be alone, because Sword Art Online: Aliczyration Lycoris often gives you a partner AI to help in battles or you can even connect online with a maximum of 3 other friends, but good luck finding so many friends playing in Sword Art Online: Alitation Lycoris … honestly, honestly,Unfortunately, we couldn’t.Still Sword Art Online: Aliczation Lycoris offers a surprisingly good combat system that works well in offline and online mode.

Sword Art Online: Aliczyration Lycoris

Kirito can be “amazed” how great Underworld looks like, but we can’t deny that Sword Art Online: Alitation Lycoris looks a bit weak, especially on the Nintendo switch.When it was released in 2020 on PS4, Sword Art Online: Alitation Lycoris was torn by reviewers because of outdated visual effects and we can not deny that the graphics are a bit weak.When animated film cutscenes appear, Sword Art Online: Alitation Lycoris looks amazing!However, when you immerse yourself in the main game and discover bland landscapes and sometimes weaker enemies, you will feel a bit surprised … especially when you realize that this is a game of 2020, and now the port 2022. We noticed that the number of frames per second makes Nintendo Switch lessproblems than the original version on PS4, but visually this game could be a bit more refined … especially when you look at the price.

Sword Art Online: Aliczyration Lycoris

As with every port, we know that readers want to know the most important question again … Is the game worth buying again?A short answer, yes, if you originally loved Sword Art Online: Aliczyration Lycoris and you are a fan of the series.The Nintendo Switch version does not differ much from the original-the possibility of playing on a travel or at home-but if you have somehow missed the original edition, then it is not a bad game.We feel that we are still asking for almost USD 90 for a pass to the extension – i.e. DLC add -ons – it’s a bit too much, but they add much more content that fans of the game and series will not want to refuse.

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