Sword Art Online presents the first opening film and ending the collection

Sword Art Online

Anime celebrates its 10th anniversary, and the latest special offer is the collection of opening and ending films.The first video volume contains OP and ED from the first two seasons of the television anime, as well as the film Ordinal Scale.The following songs can be heard in the music video:

Sword Art Online “Crossing Field” Lisa “Yume Sekai” Haruki Tomatsu “Innocence” Eir Aoi “Overfly” Luny Harunasword Art Online 2 “Ignite” Eir Aoi “Startear” by Luna Haruna “Courage” Harua Tomatsu “No more time” Lisa “Lisa” Lisa “Shushi “Lisasword Art Online – Ordinal Scale” Catch the Moment “Lisa

The artists who performed (opening and ending) thematic works will be presented in the upcoming Sword Art Online: Full Dive event, which will take place on November 6.

Anime Sword Art Online are based on the light novels of Kawahara’s hand.The first season of the television anime premiered in the summer of 2012.The latest installment of the anime television series is Sword Art Online: Aliczation – War of Underworld: Part II, which was broadcast in the summer of 2020.At Sword Art Online: Progressive light novels are also ongoing – the second film is currently displayed in Japan.A-1 pictures animated the series.


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