Sword Art Online: Progressive – Scherzo Deep Night pierces Japanese money after the opening weekend

Sword Art Online: Progressive – Scherzo of Deep Night

It was at the top of the Japanese cash register during the opening weekend.The premiere of the film October 22, 2022 (Saturday) in cinemas in Japan.The anime film earned over over

323 million

Jenów in just 2 days (~ USD 2.17 million) and sold over 199,000 tickets.The franchise expressed appreciation for fans with a new short trailer dedicated to a milestone:

| ◤ 興収 & 動員 1 位 ◢ ◢ |「劇場版 #ソード アート ・ オンライン オンライン-プログレッシブ-冥き 夕闇 の スケルツォ」 」が 週末 の 興収 & 動員 数 数 1 位 を を 記録 いたし まし た。「 「オーディナル ・ ・ スケール」 」「 星 星 なき 夜 の アリア 」」 に 3 作 作 連続 連続 連続で の 1 位 獲得 と なり まし た。 沢山 の の ご 声援 、 本当 本当 に ありがとうござい ます! #sao_anime


Sword Art Online: Progressive – trailer trailer Scherzo Deep Night for first place in Japanese cinema at the opening weekend

This is the third movie with Sword Art Online Franchise was at the top of the Japanese cash register after the opening weekend.The first of them was Sword Art Online The Movie-Ordinal Scale, which on the opening weekend (February 18-19, 2017) earned over



Jenów (~ USD 2.85 million)).The second was Sword Art Online: Progressive – Aria of A Starless Night, which premiered on October 30, 2021 and earned 349 million yen (~ $ 2,34 million) at the opening weekend.

Yoshitsugu Matsuoka and Haruka Tomatsu return to their roles as Kirito and Asuna.Inori Minase also repeated its role as the original character of the anime, Mito.Shiori Izawa also returned to the franchise after 10 years to express the voice of Argo, an information broker, which first appeared in the third episode of the original Sword Art Online series.The anime film was initially to premiere on September 10, 2022, but it was postponed to October 22 due to a sudden increase in the number of Covid-19 cases in Japan.Ayako Kono directed the film in the A-1 Pictures studio.

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Sword Art Online: Progressive is the Japanese Light Novel series by hand Kawahar with Abeca illustrations.ASCII Media Works has been seriesing him since 2012, and currently has 8 volumes in circulation.The second progressive film adapts the events of the fifth floor in Aincrad, which can be found in volume 5 of a series of light novels.

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