Sword Art Online Progressive Sequel at the Japanese Weekend Box Office summit, One Piece Film Red Now 9. The most profitable movie

Sword Art Online-Progressive-Scherzo of Deep Night ended its first three days at the Japanese ticket office with a price of 344 million yen (~ $ 2,31 million), Kogyo Tsushin informed.The anime film also secured the first place on the weekend cash charts, reaching a gross value of 323 million yen (~ $ 2,17 million).

Scherzo of Deep Night premiered in Japan on October 22 and will receive 4DX, MX4D and Dolby Cinema, which will start on November 3.This is a continuation of SWORD Art Online-Progressive-Ariad Starless Night from 2021 and is based on the spin-off series

Kawahara’s hand

Sword art online light novels for his main light novels.

Scherzo from Deep Night’s cash performances signaled the first fall in place for the extremely popular one Piece Film Red, which premiered in August and remained at the top of the weekend ranking for 11 consecutive weeks.15. Film One Piece took third place in the weekend ranking of October 23-24 with a result of 141 million yen (~ 947 thousand USD).In the ranking of all time, it took ninth place with a total gross value of 17.26 billion yen (~ 116 million USD), which places it directly below the Hauru movable castle and its gross value of 19.6 billion yen (~ 132 million USD).

Meanwhile, the live action movie Whisper of the Heart, in which Shizuku and Seiji are adults, took sixth place in the weekend ranking, and the movie Uta No Prince-Sama: Maji Love Starish Tours took 10th place.The first debuted on October 14, and the second began its activity on September 2.


KoMo Tsushin