Tamara 3: What is the release date on Netflix?Is the continuation planned?

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Tamara is available at Netflix.

If you want to know when Tamara 3 will be released, read on!Directed by Zidrou, Alexandre Castagnetti, Tamara perform, among others, Héloïse Martin, Rayane Bensetti and Sylvie Testudud.The first film was released in 2016 and was a huge success on television.To find out everything about Netflix editions, it’s here.

The sequel inevitably saw the light of day and it was in 2018 that Rayane Bensetti fans could see Tamara 2 on the screens.Four years later, both films appear on Netflix in France and allow them to watch over and over again whenever you want.Now the end of the second film leaves us the right to dreams of a potential tamar 3, whether in the cinema, on TF1, or even directly on Netflix!We’ll tell you everything about it

Premiere of Tamara 3!

How is Tamara 3 release?

The second film was released in the summer of 2018 and since then the extension of Tamara’s release has not been announced since then since then watch it, but with its recent release on Netflix, rumors have returned!Dream!Héloïse Martin and Rayane Bensetti gave interviews several times in recent years and if in 2018 their speech was limited to the statement that Tamara 3 would probably not be a movie, the situation changed a bit.

In fact, in an interview in 2021, Héloïse Martin and Rayane Bensetti said they were not closed to the release of Tamara 3 if the context is appropriate and justified.In fact, Tamara 3’s goal would be to raise the life of our heroes a few years later.Rayane Bensetti said that in the history of Tamara 3 our heroes will have a completely different life, evolving for years.

The actor also answered questions on his Instagram, where the fan told him “Tamara 3” and he answered “very possible”.Although for now everything is kept secret, we think that the Tamara 3 film may soon appear. In the event of extension, the release date of Tamara may fall at the end of 2023 or somewhere in 2024.

What can the sequel be about?

Because the second film concerned student life, we think that Tamara 3 will see Diego and Tamara in adult life, sleeping in the subway!It is hard to imagine the argument before Tamara 3 is confirmed, but problems with work and heart can be the focal point of the story.