Taste of life: an amazing love story to discover on Netflix

The new original creation is inspired by the autobiographical bestseller of the New York Times and tells us a great love story.During her studies in Florence, Amy meets the boss of the chef from Sicily (Lino), with whom he will spend the most beautiful moments of his life.

The taste of life, however, is far from being an ordinary love story.


When our heroine must return to Los Angeles, she cannot imagine living without the love of her life, which she manages to convince her to come and settle on the west coast of the United States.Immediately after the delivery of Amy Lino, he sadly learns that he has incurable cancer …

The taste of life in Netflix: Love is stronger than anything else?

The taste of life is inspired by real events

which will probably move the viewers even more.By telling the greatest love story of his life, Tembi Locke, in which Zoe Saldana will play, hopes to have a real influence on the lives of viewers.In this way

said the New York Times


“It’s bitter, but it’s also sweet.I hope that viewers will leave the program, perhaps thinking differently about their lives, maybe what they want from their relationships, romantic, family or close friend, and that they also honor their own losses. ”

Taste of life: Discover a wonderful trailer

The streaming platform with a red logo has recently released many series inspired by real stories, but this time it will not be even a terrifying story if finally

The taste of life is a terribly sad series

Who is in the cast of the original creation?

The two main characters will play Zoe Saldana and Eugenio Mastrandrea.The parents of our heroine, who will never stop supporting their daughter, will interpret Keith David and Danielle Deadwyler.In

cast “taste of life”

We also find: Luci Sardo, Kellita Smith, Judith Scott and Paride Benassai.

What is the release date of The Taste of Life at Netflix?

The new romantic original creation has been placed online

Friday, October 21, 2022 on the streaming platform


The first season consists of eight episodes.

and the continuation is unlikely.

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