Taste of life: Ode to love, which is hugged by Zoe Saldana [verification] Follow us

This Friday, October 21, Netflix presented a new romantic series: the taste of life.A real ode to art and love filled with sweetness and sublime by Zoe Saldana.Attention, spoiler …

What could be better than celebrating love this month?This Friday, October 21,


will attack again

romantic series

worthy affair:

The taste of life

.Amy Wheeler is an American student,

in love with art and Italy

.Going to Florence for six weeks to learn more about his passion, he meets

seductive Sicilian chef, Lino

.Friendship will quickly follow a completely different path.From the first episode

chemistry is noticeable

between two camp heroes

Zoe Saldana and Eugenio Mastrandea

.But their love at first sight will be quickly exposed.Will their love triumph between a mixture of cultures, poverty, illness and complicated professional careers?One thing is certain, the taste of life takes us into oblivion.As Lino says:

“Love rules without rules”

.”Love has its reasons that reason ignores” and acts.

From the first moments

Lino and Amy

They give us a nice cheek with love.The first episode, at the same time very fast and intense, offers

A real ode to love, seek happiness and art in all its forms

.It is not without reason that this young Italian chef, enchanted by Amy, teaches her more about cooking, about her passion.In this way, they both create real enthusiasts who only want to share their happiness.Everything gently against the background of the Italian melody.Without relying on interpretation

Zoe Saldana

What leaves us without a word as an misunderstood artist in

True love eternal search

.But when the difficulties of everyday life are involved … everything becomes darker and more complicated.

Cultural shock

Apart from episodes

Lino and Amy are very quickly confronted with differences of origin and culture.

.On the one hand, a Sicilian who values European life and a loving taste of good things.On the other, African American from Texas, whose family is shaken by the traditions of her country.A real collision of cultures that will expose them to the test.In

The taste of life

We perfectly feel the difficulty of defeating the world that divides them.

Torn between dreams, career and love

, everyday life catch up after an amazing fairy tale in Florence.A relationship for a honeymoon that quickly turns into a nightmare.Especially for Lino, who hoped to experience an American dream, following his wife to Los Angeles.But the young Sicilian will quickly realize that

Life is full of traps

… and that the United States may not be his dream ultimately.

Love always wins?

After completely different families, who sometimes find it difficult to accept the love of two of their children, another blow falls on a couple.

Lino suddenly got sick.

In this way, undermining all his dreams.But after so many difficulties

Lino and Amy

Are they ready to overcome everything?

The taste of life

It shows in episodes that their relationship is solid and flawless.The secret to a successful and happy marriage?Support and respect.All this is inspired by two heroes.

They emanate with love, but also a passion and a desire to outdo themselves for others

.Thanks to the endless love story

The taste of life

It proves to what extent it is an essential element for flourishing.Between joy, sadness, tears and laughter … it’s easy to see

Netflix series

.The romantic series we love them, with so many phrases about Italy and America, how much we want to fall in love.