Tatami Time Machine Blues will go to Disney+ US in November

Disney+ streaming schedule for November 2022 revealed that Tatami Time Machine Blues would appear on a streaming service in the USA November 9

The program previously premiered in some other regions on September 14, and the three -week Japanese cinema show is to start on September 30.The Disney+ version contains an additional episode with original content.

Tatami Blues time machine is based on a novel published in 2020 by Kadokawa, written by

Tomihiko Morimi

and based on the concept

Makoto Uedy

.The book is a continuation of the Morimi campus novel from 2005 Galaxy Tatami and is also described as “Cooperation” between this book and stage art Ueda Summer Time Machine Blues.The Yojohan Time Machine Blues website calls the anime “devilish combination” Tatami Galaxy and Summer Time Machine Blues.

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The assumption consists in damage to the remote control of the only air conditioner in the Shimogamoyuusui residence.When the hero “I” tries to find a response to this turn of events, a student of Tamura appears, who claims that she traveled by a time machine from 25 years ago.”I” comes up with the idea of going back in time to solve the problem with the air conditioner, but his friend Ozu and other people complicate matters.

The Yojohan Time Machine Blues team is composed of

Shingo Natsume

(One-Punch Man, Sonny Boy) as a director, Ueda (composer of the Tatami Galaxy series) as a screenwriter,

Yuusuke Nakamura

(The Tatami Galaxy) as an original character designer and

Michiru Ooshima

(Galaxy Tatami) as a music composer.

Saru science

This is an animation production studio.

Other employees are

Nobutake ITou

> (The Tatami Galaxy) i

Shouko Nishigaki

(Animation Director of Tatami Galaxy) as character designers,

Fuminao akai

(Yurei Deco) as an artistic director,

Ayaka Nakamura

(Ride Your Wave) as a color designer and

Hikari Itou

(Yurei Deco) i

Yoshiriro Sekiya

(Yurei Deco) as photo directors.

Meanwhile, the returning cast covers

Shintarou asanuma

as “me”

Maaya sakamoto

as Akashi,

Hiroyuki Yoshino

as Ozu,

Junich slu

as Jougasaki-Senpai,

Yuuko Kaida

as Hanuki-san i

Setsji Satoou

as Aijima-Senpai.

Kazuya Nakai

Seitarou Higuchi plays, taking over the role of the deceased

Keiji Fujiwary

In the film, the night is short, come after a girl from 2017.


Chicara Honda

, who played a small role in the Tatami galaxy, the Tamura-Kun game.Honda also played Akira Tamura, a traveler in time, in the Summer Time Machine Blues acting film from 2005.

Science Saru had previously produced an 11-episode adaptation of the Anime “Galaxy Tatami” from 2010 and the film adaptation of the anime “Night is short, Walk on Girl” from 2017.He directed these adaptations

Masaaki Yuasa

, and Natsume brought some of the series scenes and served as the director of the sixth episode of the Tatami galaxy.