Teasing the Takagi San Chapter 165 Master: Will Nishikata hug Takagie?The release date and more!

Teasing Master Takagi San Chapter 165 will come with another mischief from Takagie.The previous chapter of the manga concerned jumping.Nishikata took Takagie to the beach for a challenge.However, Takagi teased his friend that he could call her to confession.But they both played a jumping game in which Nishikata learned reality.

The upcoming manga chapter can cause another discomfort for Nishikata.Fans are quite funny when they witness Takagi.But Nishikta also annoys even the smallest things in the manga.Similarly, a strange habit of Takagie will again cause him irritation in the next chapter.Read the article below to get information about the upcoming chapter!

Teasing the Takagi San Chapter 165 Master: What will happen next?

Takagi may come up with the plan again to hug Nishikata in teasing Master Takagi San Chapter 165. However, Nishikata feels extremely uncomfortable in the company of Takagi.But Takagi seems to like Nishikata, which is why her behavior around Nishikata is a bit charming.So again he will interfere in the boy’s life to draw her attention in the upcoming chapter.

However, Nishikata does not like to lose with Takagim in any game.But every time the girl uses such tactics, the boy has no other choice but to lose with her.So Nishikata must play wisely and defeat Takagie in such a game that gives him personal satisfaction.But the title of the game will be released after the next chapter of the manga will be released.

Quick summary of the last chapter!

164. Dupping chapter Master Takagi San began with the beach scene Takagi and Nishikata.Takagi mentioned that Nishikata did not call her to the beach.However, the girl began to tease the boy about the religion of love.But Nishikata cleaned the air and told her that she was there to play a game called jumping.

They both started playing this game and it went quite well.However, Nishikata warned Takagi from the eighth circle that he could lose half of the pocket money if he exceeds all ten vertebrae.Takagi, however, did not care.In addition, she stated that Nishikata must hug her if they both finish ten circles.So Nishikata panicked and finally lost.

Teasing Master Takagi San Chapter 165: Date of release

Teasing Master Takagi San Chapter 1 165 will be released on October 12, 2022.Manga sometimes takes a long, two -week breaks to spend the next manga chapters.The upcoming manga chapters will be available to read on its official website.Follow The anime Daily so as not to miss any articles on our manga!