「スタンピード は オオゴト オオゴト でし た」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」

“Terrifying goblin stampede”

Woah!Lots of knowledge in this episode!The whole exhibition with the gods leading to the explanation of the god of chaos was only a kiss of the chef *.Although the exhibition was quickly overshadowed, it was not the most difficult to keep up.First, there were the gods of the lively Prueesse, who created 72 gods of different posture from there.From there, 10 gods were created as the strongest of all.However, the goddess of chaos remained one of the original 10. She is responsible for creating dungeons as a kind of act of balance for humanity.However, there was one more important fact.I am sorry that I do this comparison again, but I am obsessed with the power rings, so it is fresh in my mind.

Think about Sauron (I’m sorry I didn’t read books) at least in movies and this new series, he is in a sense known as this Lovecraft being;God, who breaks through the darkness and attacks the hearts of people, rather sooner than later, when time comes, taking the body and manifesting himself in a deadly body.I will not spoil the trail if you did not see it, but its meaning is high.TENSEI SHITARA KEN DESHITA also has a big baddie, but he is not here anymore.The explanation they gave was quite satisfying.So, unlike Sauron, this god of war apparently died and left his influence throughout the land.His body and spirit were broken into a million pieces, and from there there were goblins and plowing, i.e. all evil in the world.Which is a satisfactory conclusion, but clearly shows the part in which you can largely announce his return.

So yes, I don’t know if this is a good comparison, but it is something like this style, certainly Tersei Shitara Ken Deshita certainly draws inspiration from Buddhist mythology, while Tlord is inspired by mythology, Christianity and philology.Tolkien was not interested in imitating other fantasy works, but instead he created his own world.At least from how I see it.His inspiration is not other books, but Christian poetry and theology.Ten main gods * opens the episode, browses the exhibition, checks notes *

Gods of the sun, moon, sea, earth, fire, storm, forest and animals.It reminds me of ten big Buddhas, but it can be stretching.God of the underground created a series of Samsary, which is a direct reference to the birth cycle and revival in Hinduism.Which also has the same name.I discussed everything later somewhere upstairs.

So yes, this is a tradition that Tersei Shitara Ken Deshita builds and watching it so far was fascinating, and a breath of fresh air that I needed so much. Good, enough to talk about knowledge, let’s get to the right episode. Fran, being a tough guy, really does it for me, he just pulls these goblins to the left and right, it’s quite satisfying, literally crosses them in half. However, it is strange that Fran is now taking Shishou for a bath, especially since it is suggested that the sword is a boy! However, apart from my triggers, I was looking for knowledge tips and found things that I should not read, i.e. spoilers about some systems of the word. This is not an important part, I read that some fans say that the relationship of Fran and Shishou is more similar to the relationship of father and daughter, and considering that Fran is canonically 12-13 years old, I think it’s fine. However, he rubs his back instead of the other way around. We must remember that Japan’s sensitivity to this type of thing is very different from ours and maybe the author simply tried to saturate their healthy moment for their relationship. Maybe it’s nothing but a student and master’s situation. I want to believe. However, this sword has hands!

Let’s not think about it too much and just accept it for a good coin.Just before the end of the episode, we learn that Goblin DM called a really powerful monster because he was lucky at Gach.I am increasingly starting to think that this is a kind of MMO F2P, but this is not here or there.Let’s just pretend it is not.Well, Fran is getting on his head before using his flying skills, which allows her to hope in the air and uses the skills of the element of fire, which exploded all goblins at the entrance and allowed her to enter.

What kind of power she will have after defeating the great bad in the dungeon, for example, I can’t wait and stop the pause with bated breath, until next week, my little cat friend!

Full paintings: 39.

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