The account of the master and dog is gaining popularity this season of the autumn 2022, as shown on funny screenshots and a new memie

Screenshots on which Denji and Cid bark like a dog.Photo source: mappa and nexus studio

In episode 2 Chainsaw Man Makima decides to take a hungry Denji to eat Udone.However, Denji faint because of the loss of blood, and when he wakes up, he discovers that he was holding his head on his knees of Maki.

Makima shyly asks Denji if he is able to eat Udon himself.Denji intends to say “yes” before he realizes that this is a great opportunity to feed him with a beautiful woman.

Makima feeds Denji Udla in a funny way and when he asks Denji if Udon tastes good that she literally barks in agreement.Makima says that Denji likes a softened pasta and resembles her dog.When Denji asks Macima if there is a type of guy he likes, he insidiously replies that he likes Denji type.

Screenshot from the Chainsaw Man Episode 2, on which Makima feeds Denji Denji Denji Udon.Photo: mappa

Anime boys who say “hau” is on top

This poor boy never had a chance in a clash with Makima, right?It’s just Chainsaw Man Episode 2, and Makima already has Denji literally eating from her hand!

This scene has become so popular that Crunchyroll has released a clip from the stage to see on his official YouTube channel:

Film Chainsaw Man Episode 2, in which Makima feeds Denji Udono and Denji Szczeka.

Only a few days have passed, and the film already has over 400,000 views!

Anime boys play tricks like a dog

The continuation of the trend of the Master and Dog relationship this week is cid Kagenou from the anime Eminencja in the shade.

In episode 3 Eminence in the shadow of Princess Alexia from Midgar reveals to Cid that the real reason she wanted to date him was that it was not like her arranged marriage.Alexia tries to convince Cida to continue “false dates”, but when the words do not work, Alexia decides to try to bribe the cid.

Cid desperately needs money to finance the operations of his eminence in the shade, so the temptation of the golden coin, which Alexia throws, is simply too great that Cid can resist and is on the ground, grabbing the coin before he can stop.

Screenshot of the Eminence in Shadow Episode 3, containing Alexia, throws coins at Cida.Photo: Nexus Studio

Alexia has a little too much fun throwing gold coins at CID so that he can catch them in the air, just like a dog catches a treat or frisbee.In addition, when he throws a coin for the second time, CID literally barks like a dog, and then catches a coin between his teeth.

Screenshot from the eminence in Shadow Episode 3, Alexia feeds the pasta cid ramen.Photo source: Studio Nexus

Following in the footsteps of Denji and Makmy, there is also a scene in Eminence in Shadow, in which Alexia feeds cid ramen in a very messy way, and cid as a loyal, false boy who became, he goes hand in hand ./p>

Here you can see the trailer The Eminence in Shadow:

TV アニメ 『陰 の 実力 者 に なり たく たく て!』 第 第 3 話 予告 ≪ スペシャル スペシャル スペシャル スペシャル スペシャル スペシャル スペシャル スペシャル スペシャル スペシャル スペシャル スペシャル スペシャル スペシャル 「陰 の の 実力 実力 者 は は モブ 生徒 に なりきり たい!」 」」

Watch this movie on YouTube trailer of episode 3 of the eminence in the shade, which indicates the relationship between the master and dog Alexia and Cid.

The immoral guild gives birth to a new meme

During the episode of the 3rd immoral guild, Madan compares one of the girls from his trip to “Ogar”.

Kikuru explains the receptionist of the guild about Hitam: “If I had to choose a partner from these four new girls, Hitam sometimes suits me best.I am the main attacker, so I don’t need more fire.I am mainly attacker from a long distance and I rarely get wounds, so I don’t rely on a healer.However, I really need scout and I can’t copy it for this skill.Our relationship is very similar to the hunter and his dog, so to speak. ”

Screenshot from the episode of the 3rd Guild, on which Kikuro imagines Hitam as his loyal dog.Photo: TNK Studio

When Kikuru imagines this, he also imagines barking Hitam!

Later, the poor Hitam is attacked by perverted snakes, but unfortunately Kikuru is distracted when the guild receptionist is attacked by the same snakes.Kikuru completely forgets about the difficult situation of Hitam until the situation becomes quite indecent.

MEM dispersed boy the style of an immoral guild.Photo source: anime geek and

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