The actor’s film of Dr. Koto’s clinic reveals 4 new cast members

The official Twitter account for the film adaptation of Manga Dr. Koto Shinryojo (Dr. Koto Clinic) Takatoshi Yamada (Dr. Koto’s Clinic) revealed four new members of the film cast on Thursday.

new cast members are: (from left to right in the picture above)

Yū Aoi as the face of Nakai, a nurse responsible for the Ayaki clinic during her absence Ryunosuke Kamika as Ryūichi Sugimoto, son of Mariko from the first season of the series Ayumi Itō as Rika Andō, the only daughter of Shigeo who returned to the island of Shikina Masato Sakai as Satoshi Narumi, coldwhich treats Ayaki breast cancer

The film will be opened in Japan on December 16.Toho


Film in June.The director of the film is Isamu Nakae, whose script was written by Noriko Yoshida.Hidetaka Yoshioka returns to his role as a title doctor from earlier television series from 2003 and 2006.

Crunchroll had previously broadcast a live series of Action from 2003 and 2006 under the title of Clinic Dr.Coto and describes this story:

In this drama, whose action takes place on the island of Shikina, a rejected island of the Japanese archipelago, located over six hours from the main Japanese islands, the young doctor Kensuke Goto arrives on the island and has to deal with the inhabitants of the island who do not want to accept it in the clinic, inwhich lacks adequate medical equipment.Here is a human drama showing how Dr. Coto values the dignity of human life, relentlessly facing the disease with a serious attitude.

Yamada released the original manga in the Weekly Young Sunday Shogakukana magazine in 2000 and moved her to Big Comic Original Shogakukana after Weekly Young Sunday ceased to be published.Manga has been suspended since 2010 due to Yamada’s health, although Yamada since then

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About the resumption of the manga.Shogakukan published digitally 25. Compiled Tom Manga in April 2020.

Sources: Twitter of the acting film Dr. Koto’s Clinic



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