The “Ambition” Final Fantasy XVI trailer was released, new FF 16 characters were revealed

Darker and ripe sound of rock!Photo: Square Enix

Waiting fans for the long -awaited Final Fantasy XVI turned into a frenzy!And Square Enix plans to only use this excitement thanks to

carefully arranged presentations

.Recently, a world -famous publisher and game developer presented the Final Fantasy XVI trailer “Ambition” and, as you would expect – he had the intended effect!

And in a typical way for Square Enix this important disclosure was accompanied by

Messages from key programming staff

.Naoki Yoshida, producer of Final Fantasy XVI, said:

“Hello everybody!

I am pleased to announce that our latest trailer – Ambition – is already available live coverage.Instead of focusing on the action, as we did in our last disclosure, this time we wanted to give the world a deeper look at the story of the Final Fantasy XVI game and its rich cast of the character – with dominants at the front and in the middle.

The flames of the war spread when Valisthea enters the twilight era.Where will the fate lead the dominants and what future awaits the kingdom after the end of this fierce conflict?There are still many questions to be answered, much more truths to discover.

As for development, the team turned the corner and entered the house, and is currently concentrating their efforts on debugging, correction, polishing and optimization.As for the promotion, in the next few weeks I, the main director of Hiroshi Taki, Creative Director of Kazutoyo Maehiro and director for the location of Michael-Christopher Koji Fox, will take part in interviews with many media from around the world to provide even more information, soMake sure you don’t have your eyes on them either! ”

And Hiroshi Taki, the director, had to say:


Our third trailer is finally available and full of exciting new information that ensures a better picture of how the surroundings, the plot and characters combine with our fascinating narrative.We hope it was worth waiting!

As the end of the game, the team focused on debugging and final corrections.Now, when everything starts to arrange, the game becomes something really special.

“We know that you are all hungry to see more, but for now we hope that this is a small view of the Final Fantasy XVI world is enough for you to be satisfied and (of course) speculate until our next great disclosure.”

Here is a trailer in Japanese, which recently published Square Enix:

One thing immediately visible when watching the trailer is that Creative Business Unit III is developing.And this is positive, because this team also worked on the Dragon Quest Buest Buest and Final Fantasy MMO series.Here is a short list of titles that they have worked on so far:

Final Fantasy XIFIFFAL Fantasy XI Rebootfinal Fantasy XIV: Heavenswardfinal Fantasy XIV: Stormbloodfinal Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringersfinal Fantasy XIV: Endwalkerfinal Fantasy XVI

And fans of the Final Fantasy series have a lot to offer after watching an impressive trailer.In many ways, it seems that the series returns to form after previous low -inspiring editions, such as Final Fantasy XV.And although it is not necessarily a bad game – it even won several awards.The Japanese NHK broadcaster reportedly conducted a survey in 2019 and was recognized as the 10th best game in the series.

That is why it is not the highest class Final Fantasy, but simply good enough.Let’s hope that the next entry will be one of the best in history.Final Fantasy XVI will hit PlayStation on 5 summer 2023, if there are no unforeseen delays.

Which new characters have been revealed?

Dion Lesage and Barnabas Tharmr are two new tough guys.They will not only improve the story, but will make the battles a bit more exciting!

Dion Lesage is a type of character that seems good to match the sword and epic spells, such as Final Fantasy XVI.Photo source: Square Enix

Barnabas Tharmr looks like he could withstand in battle!Photo source: Square Enix

Who are the key employees of the Final Fantasy XVI development?

We have confirmation that the following staff is involved in the development of this jRPG:

Naokid Yoshida as produceroshi Taki as the main director of Maehiro as a creative director and scenario of the original-shell-christopher Koji Fox as the director of the location of Hiroshi Minagawa as the artistic director of Suzuki as the director of the fight for Kazuy Takahashi as a designer

The dramatic visual key of Final Fantasy XVI gives us a foretaste of what to expect!Photo source: Square Enix

Few JRPG games have a reputation, production values and the attractiveness of the final current of the Final Fantasy series.Let’s hope that the upcoming entry will continue to delight the current and new JRPG fans.Stay updated!