The announcement of the first episode of season 2 is Your Eternity

The announcement of episode 1 episode 1 is your eternity is now available on the official website.The immortal Fushi will finally come back and continue his journey.The premiere episode will be broadcast on Sunday, October 23 at 19:00 JST.You will be able to watch it in Crunchyroll an hour later with English inscriptions.You will also be able to watch for free in



An-one Asia

On Monday, October 24 at 18:00 (UTC+8).

Together with three images of preview of the first episode of season 2 to your eternity,

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He teases that forty years have passed since the parting of Fushi with Poraran.He spends days on the island alone, until one day a girl from Yanome, Hisame appears.He presents himself as Hayase reincarnation and tells the immortal that Knockers/Nokkers are in motion again.Fushi joins forces with Hisame and other guards.The episode is entitled “Reborn infatuation”.

To your eternity season 2 episode 1 Picture preview

In the event that you miss it, the anime recently released its main graphics, the cast and the third trailer.See the full trailer of the second season is Your Eternity with English inscriptions below:

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Studio Drive Annigcts the sequel, and the director is Kiyoko Sayama.Shinzo Fujita deals with the composition of the series, Koji Yabuno deals with the design of the character, and Ryo Kawasaki deals with music.Reiji Kawashima and Kenjiro Tsuda will also return to their roles as Fushi and The Beholder.Tomori Kusunoki joins the voice cast as Hisame, Mitsuki Saig as Kahaku and Takehito Koyasu as Bonchien Nicola La Tasty Peach Uralis.

This your eternity is based on the manga written and illustrated by Yoshitoka Oim.He was made in the weekly Shonen Magazine in 2016 and currently has eighteen volumes.The first season of the Anime Studio Brain’s Base was broadcast from April to August 2021. In the case of Sequel Studio Drive, it will deal with animation and has 20 episodes on the list.The official website describes the plot of season 2:

“At the beginning, Fushi was a” ball “thrown to the ground.As Fushi, he saw the departure of a little girl/mother, an unusual older brother, friends on the battlefield and finally an old woman – allowing him to grow up to man.Decades have passed.Nokker’s Archbishop attacks again and the world is in chaos.Fushi must stop his long silence and get up.But wait.He can fight alone.But he can’t protect everyone alone.Will he fight, knowing that there will be new victims or … Fushi and his warriors will go to the battle to save the future. ”

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