The announcement of the second episode of Chainsaw Man: When, where and how to watch!

Episode 2 Chainsaw Man is the second episode of the new hottest thing in the city and the largest original anime 2022, Chainsaw Man.It is an anime of action and supernatural directed by Tatsuya Ishihara and based on the original manga written by Tatsuki Fujimoto.


It is animated by the mapping studio.

The protagonist of the series is Denji, who has a simple dream – live happily and calmly, spending time with the girl he likes.However, this is far from reality, because Yakuza force Denji to kill devils to pay off his crushing debts.Using his caress, Pobita as a weapon, he is ready to do everything behind a little cash.

Unfortunately, he survived his usefulness and was murdered by the devil in the contract with Yakuza.However, in the unexpected turnover of events, the cap is connected with Denji’s dead body and gives him the power of the devil of the chain saw.Now, able to transform parts of his body into chain saws, resurrected Denji uses his new skills to deal with enemies quickly and brutally.Eye -catching the eye of the official devil hunters who arrive, he receives a job offer in the Public Security Bureau as one of them.Now, having funds to face even the most difficult enemies, Denji will not go back to anything to fulfill her simple teenage dreams.(By Mal Rewrite).

Episode 2 Chainsaw MAN preview

The plot of the episode 2 Chainsaw Man

Episode 1 contained the history of the origin of a mechanical saw, because it will be known to the world.However, for people who found him at the end of the episode, he is still simply Denji.Someone with incredible power and devilish tendencies, but still horny at everything that is the opposite sex.The episode shows how Denji learns how official devil hunters work and is presented to other people in the same profession.

Characters from episode 2 Chainsaw Man

Denji and Podkita have now been combined into one whole, which means that we will not see so often the cap.This is not good news, but I am sure that the series will find a way to restore it to the screen.Let’s hope that the characters who have not yet been introduced or those who are not at all will be familiar with this.This makes sense when you see that the first episode concerned Denji and Podkita, while others will integrate more people.

Where to watch episode 2 of a man with a chain saw

The series will be broadcast through Crunchyroll in most countries, with several exceptions, in particular on the Asian market.

List of episodes of chainsaw man

The program looks like to be divided into many parts depending on the amount of material that is covered with the manga.This part will probably consist of 12 episodes.

Date and release time of episode 2 Chainsaw Man

The animation will be broadcast from October 11, 2022 to Netflix and is to operate for three months.Chainsaw Man Episode 2 is the second episode that will be broadcast on October 18, 2022 at midnight Japanese.

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Chainsaw Man Episode 2 forecasts

We will learn more about how devils and devil hunters in the world work, and there will be an intensive discussion about keeping Denji alive and whether it really was right.The episode will probably be much more carefree than the first, which was quite hard.

Summary of episode 1 Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man Episode 1 was entitled “Dog and a chain saw” and saw Denji and the cap barely break through the world, trying to pay off Denji’s debt towards Yakuza, who wasn’t even his.Denji is finally betrayed by Yakuza and chopped into pieces, but thanks to the strength of love and friendship he is able to regain strength and counterattack with the help of his devilish friend, the cap.This is how Chainsaw Man was born.

Chainsaw Man transmits to Crunchyroll.