The bartender manga inspires new anime

New anime based on the bartender manga was announced

Akira Jou

and illustrated by

Kenji Nagatomo

.With the announcement, an illustration by Nagatomo appeared.

Bar Katsu Base website

, which serves as a community space for fans of bars and alcohols, was also launched.Other initiatives based on the promotion of the “world of bars and alcohol attractiveness” are also considered.

Published by Shueish Manga Bartender lasted from 2004 to 2012 with 21 volumes of Tankoubons and focused around a brilliant bartender named Ryu Sasakura.After the series, Bartender à Paris, Bartender à Tokyo and Bartender 6stp appeared later.He drew the last three

Osam Kajisa


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The bartender had previously inspired the 2006 anime series, which had 11 episodes and a television series from 2011.Anime was produced by

Palm Company

and directed by

Watanabe massags

(Battle Spirits: Mirage).