The best 15+ anime movies on Amazon Prime (according to IMDB 2022)

Various popular OTT included anime in their library, with the growing popularity of anime around the world.That is why one of the OTT giants, Amazon Prime, quickly offered a number of anime content in his library.So, if you are a Prime user, sit down comfortably and relax.We have good news for you.Here is the best over 15

Anime films in Amazon Prime

which you need to watch immediately.

1. 5 centimeters per second

In fact, you live under a stone if you don’t know this movie.Written by legend

Makoto Shinkai

, this film is a masterpiece that will tear you into shreds if you really understand its overtones.

The story presents something so beautiful between two childhood lovers who are fighting to maintain living love when they grow up.As the title suggests, as the hardships throws on them, they move more and more, but is it worth sticking to it?Watch this movie anime with 3 parts/episode on Amazon Prime to find out.

In fact, it has 3 episodes, but we consider it on the list of movies.

IMDB grades:


Duration: 3 episodes

Species: drama, romance, piece of life

2. Weathering with you

Weathering with you is the latest anime movie based on the novel

Makoto Shinkai

.The film itself is a beautiful treat for anyone who wants to enjoy a stunning animation and an even better story.

The story presents a deep but significant relationship between the three tragic teenagers who make friends and fight for survival.

The supernatural element here is that MC can control whether through the mysterious blessings of nature.Watch one of the masterpieces of the anime movie on Amazon Prime right away.

IMDB grades:


Duration: 112 minutes

Species: awarded, drama, fantasy, romance, piece of life

3. Your name

This amazing anime movie storm the world when it was released.The film contains a stunning OST by


(like most anime movies

Makoto Shinkai

) and sets a new standard of animation.

The story combines traditional and deep rituals/practices and legends of Japan as distinctive elements.

Two teenagers,

Such and Mitsuha

, suddenly wakes up in each of them.Bodies of others without any tip.They travel their way through life to discover some painful truths about each other.

However, good times will end soon and begin to lose their memories of each other when they discover that they are on different time lines.

IMDB grades:


Duration: 106 minutes

Species: awarded, drama, supernatural phenomena

4. Fireworks

Fireworks are another classic, whose main topic is time travel and magic.The film premiered in 2017 and has a great animation that is ahead of its time.

Both MC,

Nazuna and Norimichi

, they run away from home just to come across something that will change their lives forever.

They discover a magic ball that allows them to travel in time.However, the slightest change on the timeline causes drastic and negative changes throughout the entire timeline.

That is why, as developed, history becomes even more mysterious.So if you like a mixture of these elements, watch the Fireworks program in Amazon Prime.

IMDB grades:


Duration: 90 minutes

Species: romance, science fiction

5. Children who prosecute lost voices

This anime film, as suggests its title, contains a deep and significant plot, like most films on our list.However, it does not need to be added that it was another legendary work

Makoto Shinkai

in 2011.

The film is full of twists and turning the heart.Children who prosecute lost voices depict a mysterious land that MC enters by accident.

They come across unknown music from radio and open the way to this mysterious and magical kingdom.See how they discover love and maturity during several attempts.

IMDB grades:


Duration: 116 minutes

Species: adventure, fantasy, romance

6. Nausicaa from the wind valley

This anime movie is probably the oldest on our list.The film premiered in 1984.However, he is still admired and viewed by fans around the world.And fortunately, Amazon Prime offers this movie for a streaming broadcast since 2022.

The plot is really unique and contains many dystopian, supernatural and fantasy elements.MC,

Princess Kushana

, is the only person who survived the post -apocalyptic era and must go through corruption and supernatural threats that lurk around.

Therefore, enjoy the beauty of vintage and classic animation styles through one of the best anime movies on Amazon Prime.

IMDB grades:


Duration: 117 minutes

Species: adventure, rewarded, fantasy

7. Spirited Away

Spirited Away is a series of legendary films

Ghibli studio

.At this point, it is enough to say that the movie is simply amazing.

The descriptive style of animation and story is additionally emphasized by supernatural elements of history.

History presents

10-year-old girl

which ends in the world of Kami and has to develop a way to the human kingdom.

Her parents turn into pigs because of the curse.That is why he must discover the paths of this new world with the help of a mysterious being,



IMDB grades:


Duration: 124 minutes

Species: adventure, awarded, supernatural

8. Ponyo

Another film by Studio Ghibli, which offers a great story, is nobody other than Ponyo.The story talks about a young boy


who saved a golden fish one day


.However, he soon discovers that this is not a plain gold fish, but the daughter of a powerful wizard.

Thanks to her interesting and living personality, she turns into a young girl to enjoy being a man.They both fall in love with the innocence and purity of young love.Watch this moving story in Amazon Prime because it is available now.

IMDB grades:


Duration: 100 minutes

Species: adventure, rewarded, fantasy

9. Kiki courier service

This anime movie is another classic

Ghibli studio

which premiered in 1989.The story presents a young witch determined to travel and look for a place to stay.During the flight on the broom he falls on the boy’s name



However, in exchange for the place where he can stop, he offers a start

Delivery of witches

Strong> with a broom.If you love a fantasy movie with a characteristic graphic style of the Ghibli studio, you absolutely can’t miss this anime movie.

IMDB grades:


Duration: 103 minutes

Species: adventure, awarded, comedy, drama, fantasy

10. My neighbor Totoro

My neighbor Totoro contains fantasy and the subtempt of the old Japanese legend about

Soot ghosts

.A family of four moves into an old country house to be with their terminally sick mother.

However, two young sisters soon discover small soot balls resting at home, which they only see.Soon they find out that they are

soot ghosts

who live in an empty and old house.They are harmless and move out when the family moves home.

However, the little soot spirit leads them to a mysterious camphor tree, where a huge spirit of soot lives,


.. Then they live as neighbors, discovering more about their mystical world.

IMDB grades:


Duration: 86 minutes

Species: adventure, awarded, supernatural

11. Secret world of Arrietta

If you love an innocent but wonderful fantasy story, this anime movie is mandatory.History presents


, a species of people with a height only

4 inches

who secretly live under the floor boards of the house.They must keep their existence secret because people are harmful to them.

However, a young borrower,


, falls on


, a young boy living with his family in the same house.They soon make friendship until the situation breaks down when his family accidentally discovers borrowers under the floor board.They have to run away now to protect themselves, but Sho helps them in their plan.

IMDB grades:


Duration: 94 minutes

Species: awarded, fantasy

12. Whisper of the Heart

As the title suggests, this anime movie is a beautiful romantic fantasy with a classic artistic style.Since the premiere of the film in 1995, he has been admired for telling stories and classic animation.

The film presents an affair between a young teenager,

Shizuku Tsukishima

who discovers a mysterious boy by borrowing some of her favorite books.

Soon she is curious about how to find a boy, but she falls on mysterious creatures that lead her to the antique store.Watch a cordial story about romance, development and dreams come true.

IMDB grades:


Duration: 111 minutes

Species: drama, romance, piece of life

13. From Up on Poppy Hill

In advance on Poppy Hill is an excellent vintage anime film with British overtones.So if you love Japan from the 1960s, watch one of the best anime films on Amazon Prime, emphasizing all his essence.

The story presents an affair between the hard -working young girl and the famous writer who visits her city when they fall into each other.

However, despite the fact that at first they did not like each other, they will soon meet to protect the club in the city,

Latin districts.

In the end they fall in love when they learn more.Taking stories is simply too beautiful to miss them and is highly artistic.

IMDB grades:


Duration: 95 minutes

Species: awarded, romance

14. The Wind Rises

The title song of this movie Anime with the same title is a song nominated for an Oscar.This should already say how great film production is.

Set in the era before the First World War, the story presents a young boy,

Jirou Horikoshi

, aspiring to be a pilot.However, he suffers from myopia and cannot realize his dreams.

But he travels to implement air engineering to build a revolutionary fighter aircraft.But soon he discovers the cost of creating such a weapon that would be used to destroy the world.

Gale is simply one of the best anime movies on Amazon Prime to watch if you want all the best.

IMDB grades:


Duration: 126 minutes

Species: awarded, dramas, romances

15. Castle in the Sky

The premiere in 1986 Castle in the Sky is another of the popular anime films

Ghibli studio

on Amazon Prime.The story takes place in the fictitious era of the nineteenth century and tells a tragic story

Shety and Pazu.

Sheeta is a descendant of a powerful and magical royal family who was abducted for her magical necklace.However, it falls from the aircraft and meets Pazu that saves her.Soon they run to the abandoned mine and discover shocking secrets.

IMDB grades:


Duration: 124 minutes

Species: adventure, rewarded, fantasy, romance, science fiction

16. Movable Hauru Castle

Hauru’s movable castle is simply one of the most iconic and famous anime films by

Ghibli studio

.It contains several beautifully designed characters with the “Alive in Wonderland” subtext, and therefore has infinite goods.

The story tells about a bizarre romance between a young girl,

Sophie Hatter

which falls into the legendary wizard


, who owns the mysterious movable castle.

However, thanks to her enemies from the past, Sophie is cursed to become an old woman.He must now stick to Howla to find a way to break when they cope with various difficult situations.

IMDB grades:


Duration: 119 minutes

Species: adventure, awarded, dramas, fantasy, romances

At this point, we will finish this article until further anime films are added to the Prime library.Meanwhile, review and check a few more interesting lists that we have already discussed.

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