The best anime online slots

Most players recognize machines as games with fruit symbols, 7S and bars.But in recent years, the slot machine industry has made a big return towards anime games.There are currently dozens of different online vending machines that contain characters and settings from some of the most popular anime programs and films.

This is a way for the casino industry for the penetration of the anime market, which is growing at an alarming rate.Reports suggest that the number

Number of anime fans in Japan

It grows from year to year.And this is not only a Japanese phenomenon – anime is becoming more and more popular all over the world.

This popularity is reflected on the online gambling market.Here are some of the best anime slot machines that you can play for real money!

5 best thematic slot games

There is an almost unlimited choice when it comes to anime games, so we only had to choose the best.Let’s take a look at our five best types.

Attack on Titan

Based on the popular Manga and Anime series, this game will take you into the world of titans fighting with him and people to survive.Attack on Titan you can find in

new casinos in Great Britain

, including the best online casino with hundreds of thematic games.The best British casinos like this version of vending machines, because the graphics are at the highest level, the gameplay is exciting, and the bonus functions are great.

Thundercats: Reels of Thundera

This is another great example of a British casino investing in anime games.This time the game is based on the Thundercats television program from the 1980s.The graphics are retro, but it still looks fantastic, and the gameplay is really fast.There are 100 winning lines, i.e. more than most other vending machines, and you can start great bonus functions and jackpots.

Super Graphics Upside Down

Super Graphics Upside Down is a great fun and a unique online throwing game that contains an innovative board upside down.Of course, the main goal of the game is to shoot drums and create winning combinations of symbols.However, this one also has a generous payment structure, with a main prize of 500 coins.Super Graphics Upside Down is a great choice for players who are looking for exciting and different experiences from online games.

High school manga


Best online vending machines

They would be incomplete without a high school manga machine.This one is based on the popular anime and the High School DXD manga.The game takes place at a school where you will find all kinds of handsome students and teachers.It’s a bit rude, but it’s still great fun.There are 25 payments and lots of bonus functions, including free spins and multipliers.

Ninja Ways

There are many different ways of playing machines, but Ninja Ways is really unique.Instead of turning drums, you control a ninja that must climb the wall and collect coins.The further you get, the more valuable the coins become.If you manage to reach the top, you will be awarded with a huge jackpot.But be careful – if you fall, you will lose everything you have collected.

Why would you play anime games?

Anime has existed for decades and has gathered large and enthusiasts of fans.For many anime fans, it is more than just a form of entertainment – it


.Is there a better way to immerse yourself in the world of anime than playing anime games?

These games allow players to experience their favorite programs and characters in a new and interactive way.Regardless of whether it is about adventures with Naruto or to save the world with the Moon, anime games offer something for everyone.In addition, these games often contain rich and detailed worlds inspired by Japanese culture.

Why do online casinos add these games to their portfolio?

The answer is simple – because they are popular.They represent one of the most -liked titles in online casinos.And for a reason – they are fun, addictive and offer players a chance to win large prizes.

In addition, adding anime to their portfolio allows online casinos to attract new players who may not play a casino before.And with so many different anime games to choose from, everyone will find something for themselves.

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Anime vending machines take on a digital platform gambling with storm, so we did our best to choose a few that really stand out.In this post we showed you our five best types.Try them and don’t hesitate to come back and leave your comments.Have fun!