The Boys Season 4: New heroines, sister Sage and firecracker, were revealed in the pictures!Follow us

New heroines of season 4 The Boys: Sister Sage and Firecracker reveal their appearance in the pictures!

For fans of The Boys, this article has a little surprise for you!Prime Video premiere on Monday, October 10

photos of Sage sister

(played by Susan Heyward d’Orange is the new black) and

Fire Cracker

(Valorie Curry from Thefollow).They both wear the costumes of the designer Supersuit, Laura Jean Shannon.New heroines will soon appear on the screens.But in the meantime here is the first glance at their appearance!

In general, details of new characters remain secret.But when castings were first announced for the first time, Showrunner Eric Kripke wrote on Twitter: “These new supe belongs to

the best and crazy

.»Then he added:”

You will love them

.And because of love I mean being absolutely terrified and a little nausea.»

What will season 4 from The Boys be?

Currently, the continuation of The Boys’ series is shot in Canada.After the end of the season, 3 superheroes should still see how their number is decreasing.The butcher, who is dying now, should logically implement a new plan to smoke the protector.He will try to regain the trust of Ryan, son of Becky and protector.

Season 4 will probably focus on creating a new US government

.Senator Neuman as a vice president is approaching in the election.As part of this

The defender would be more dangerous than ever

.During the last scene of the third season, the superhero finally surrendered to instinct and

He publicly murdered a civilian

.Loved for committing this crime, the leader of the seven (who are not seven years old) now has the right in his violence and no longer has to pretend to be a virtuous being.If he goes in this direction,

The next season may be the bloodiest

.Because we are looking forward to the premiere of the 4th season, here are the full -size photos of Sage and firecrackers.