The clip of the Anime Break of Dawn movie contains Rainbow Root

The film starts on Friday

Avex Pictures began the broadcast of the new clip for the movie Anime Break of Dawn (Bokura no Yoake) on Friday.The film presents a February dawn showing Yūmie and his friends what his home -like root house looked like 12,000 years ago.

The cast includes:

Tomoyuki Kurokawa (Dragonar Academy, Psychic Detective Yakumo) directed anime in zero-g.Dai Sato (script manager of Eureka Seven, 10 episodes of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, three episodes of Cowboy Bebop) wrote the script, and Pomodorosa (Listeners, Deca-Dence) was the original designer of the character’s character and conceptual designer.Takahiko Yoshida (Cells at Work!, Big Windup!) Was a designer of animated characters and the main director of animation, and Masaru Yokoyama (2019-2021 Fruits Basket, Your Lie in April, Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Bloodeed Orphans) composed music.Gaga and Avex Pictures are distributed by the film.

Daichi Miura performed the movie song “Itsushika” (before you know).

The original manga of “youthful science fiction” takes place in the near future in 2049, when humanity has been aware for many years that Earth will have an inevitable collision with a large comet.Manga’s plot focuses on Yūmie, a boy who is obsessed with space, robots and an upcoming collision.He has a meeting with an extraterrestrial being, which she learns that she is associated with the upcoming comet.

Tetsuya Imai (Alice and Zouroku)


Kodansha’s manga in January 2011 published two compiled volumes of books for manga in January 2011.Kodansha USA publisher published manga in English on January 24.