The clip of the Japanese reporter accidentally opening meme. During the broadcast it was found as false

The clip that shows a Japanese reporter accidentally opening the popular meme on her phone during live broadcast, circulates in

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Fandom, to the delight of fans.

For many, this film proved to be a testimony to how famous a meme became, and some websites even began to report it.

However, the Animehunch band decided to dig and learned that a given clip is actually an edited version.

By the way, the user (@


), whose tweet with the clip has become viral, claims that he is “Professional Meme Man” in their biography and has a lot of similar memes on his account.

The original film by the Japanese reporter is almost two years old.The reporter’s name is Ayame Muto, which was part of Weather News.In the original film, he accidentally opens another application, not MEM Piece, on his phone, which was connected to live broadcast.

AA-chan, as is widely known by its fans, is not even part of Weather News.

This clip has been assembled to impose a scene from the iconic BiaƂobrode expression in Marineford, “One Piece is Real”.The expression became a meme when fans began to spam them in the comments section on social platforms.

Dialogue became the mainstream after Patrick Fabian from Better Call Saul placed him in one of his films.

The unfortunate accident of Ayame Muto during the broadcast was also used in the past for other memes.