The CLIP Studio Paint price update for the new subscription model was announced

The artists opposed the new model of earning in Clip Studio Paint.Are prices and changes enough to calm the fans?Source of the photo: Wit Studio and Celsys

In August 2022, Celsys announced that their Manga Clip Studio Paint software will change the model from purchase to their own on a subscription model from March 2023. The buyer regretted the fact that their purchases would no longer provide them with the most current version of the product in the future.Today

Celsys updated fans

, introducing not only changes in the upcoming model, but also prices.

The most burning question in the minds of many was: “How much will this change cost me?”As in the previous price model, the software will be divided into PRO and EX – EX versions with more extensive animation options along with the possibility of exporting multi -page documents.

Clip Studio Paint Pro

Purchase of version 2.0-49.99 USD Update from 1.X to 2.0-$ 19.9912 USD-a monthly pass for update-9.99 USD standard subscription-USD 4.49 per month or USD 24.99 per year

Clip Studio Paint Ex

Purchase of version 2.0-219.00 USDDATUCTION from 1.X to 2.0-56.99 USD12-month update pass-28.99 USD standard subscription-USD 8.99/month or 71.99 USD/year

To explain various price options: Purchase version 2.0 (for both new users and returning customers updating their plan) will provide buyers with the 2.0 Clip Studio Paint update without updating the functions except for stability changes.The great news for recent buyers is that each license purchased after January 1, 2022 can be updated free of charge to version 2.0!

What happens if I don’t update Clip Studio Paint before March?

It is understandable that the drastic change in the price model meant that some buyers were afraid that their previous purchases would be taken away from them.Fortunately, this will not happen.Celsys

He answered the fears

, assuring customers that they will keep the last version they bought for free (version 1.X for those who bought the software before January 2022.

Even better, Celsys has expanded support for version 1 after release of update 3.0.This means that although buyers will not receive any new functions updates after 2022, the software will receive error corrections and other stability updates to the end of their life cycle.

A winter update 2022 for all users 1.X. is also planned.The details of the update have not been confirmed, but Celsys suggested that work is underway on new functions!This is great news for those who want to keep their favorite software without any additional fees, but it will also be the last swing for users of version 1.

What is the difference between a pass for update and a monthly subscription?

By fueling anger, the options for the multi -level subscription Celsys made many scratching on their heads.Considering that the update pass is cheaper annually than the standard subscription, it may seem misleading why the latter is offered at all.Although these two options have a key difference:

Buyers will need a perpetual license for version 2.0 to buy an annual 2.0 update pass.This pass includes all function updates of the 2x function and early access functions in version 3.0.The software returns to version 2.0 after the pass is completed.Everyone can pay for the standard clip studio Paint subscription without perpetual license.This subscription includes all function updates 2.x, but


Includes early access functions 3.0.The software will return to the last purchased version or in another way will become inaccessible after the subscription.

What is more profitable?Well, it depends on how you intend to use the software.Although extended 3D functions in version 2.0 are exciting for many, they may not be part of the flow of work of every artist.Those who want immediate access to all the latest Clip Studio Paint functions will have to update to version 2.0 and get an annual pass.Otherwise, the most economical option would be to subscribe only after starting the function needed for their work.

Version 3.0 – which will require another purchase of perpetual license – is to be issued in 2024.This means that if someone persists, they can save more money, only annually up to the next perpetual version.At least it is assumed that the upgrades of the perpetual license will continue to be discount.

Why should I update to version 2.0 Clip Studio Paint?

The main advantage of version 2.0 Clip Studio Paint is the extended 3D tools.Mangaka, for example, Kentaro Miura from Berserka, use reference models to help keep the tense deadlines.In addition to the popular adjustable body functions to posing models, users will now be able to morphe their faces – providing a helping base for both Chibi and realistic styles of art.

For those who lament, drawing their hands, arranging a hand scanner to capture live will allow artists to display their own hands on their 3D model.And with the integration of the software with the post, the times of taming with the reference model have passed instead of drawing.

Between the extended functionality of the 3D model, improved layout and text tools, and even the automatic shading function, what would you like to try best?Photo source: Celsys

Improved text tools will finally allow manga artists to wrap the text to get quick and easy sound effects.New tools for equalizing will also reduce the need for artists switching to other software, such as Adobe Illustrator, when planning systems and typography.And these are only a few of the many functions available in the edition 2.0 from March 2023.

This change in the price model raises many anxiety.But if Celsys keeps the promise to issue high -quality updates at a constant pace, the change can be worth the additional price.To see this, we will have to wait until next year.