The date of release of Lupine Zero in Hidive was confirmed in December 2022.

The world’s greatest thief had to start somewhere.Photo source: TMS Entertainment

The release date of Lupine Zero was confirmed on December 16, 2022.

October 2022 ends with great impetus when new information about the original Lupine Zero network animation appeared.Hidive promotes himself as the homeland of the third Lupide and will only broadcast Lupine Zero!

Although you can catch up with Lupin Third thanks to Hidive, Crossover project, Lupin The Third vs.Cat’s Eye still has its premiere at Amazon Video Prime.And those who take part in the Anime NYC 2022 can still watch shows during the convent.

Go to panel 4 in Javits Center on November 18 at 18:30.The disclosure of the cast, a preceding gift with exclusive prizes and a temporary tattoo with a sticker depicting young Lupin will be your reward.

You must be 18 to take part in the event;Details about opening and ending works are still available.

Why am I not surprised?Photo source: TMS Entertainment

What is the story of Lupine Zero?

The third Lupine is thirteen, he attends the Junior High School in Tokyo and is bored.However, he is interested in Jigen, a mysterious shooter, and talks to him in a nightclub.

Jigen soon decides that Lupine is only a privileged and naive boy and does not want to have anything to do with him.But when Jigen helps one of the singers of the Night Club, Yoko, she is chased by Yakuza.

He discovers that Lupine is a descendant of a legendary thief!So why is Yakuza looking for a singer from a nightclub?

Will Lupine Zero also introduce Zenigata or Goemon?Lupine Zero promises to be the initial story of Lupine of the Third and I can’t wait to see Lupine pulling Jigen into his crazy plans!

Why 13 years?

Although we had flashes of Lupine’s childhood, especially in Lupin, the third part 6, it will be the first time the fans will see Lupine before they become famous.Some of these adventures come from the manga, while others are only available in anime.

As for why in the 1960s the manga originally appeared at that time, in an interview between the director Daisuke Sakou, producer of Koji Nozaki and reveals that Lupin’s first animated performance took place at Hida Speedway in 1971.

Because Lupine’s age and nationality are unknown, it can be safely assumed that he was a child in the 1960s.But most fans may not know that Lupine is not his name.

His name is Arsene and he received the name of his grandfather, who is a model of a gentleman-thictern from Maurice Leblanc’s novel … This means that Lupine’s grandfather was a Frenchman, and part 5 is dedicated to misfortunes in France.