The dishes from the Anime Studio Ghibli were perfectly recreated by the Japanese restaurant chain

A hearty meal cooked in a live pot.Photo source: Ghibli studio

Ghibli Studio is one of the most famous animation studies, and the studio almost does not require introduction.The studio produced one of the best animated films in history, and the director Hayao Miyazaki is constantly working on new projects.

Others dealt with adapting his charming films to get new impressions while he scribbled in his workshop.And now the Japanese network of restaurants has started playing dishes from the world of anime Studio Ghibli.

Restaurant chain of playing dishes from the Ghibli studio



, Izakaya Donan Norin Suisanbu in Aichi prefecture plays the famous dishes from various films of the Ghibli studio, from The Wind Rises to the timeless classic My Neighbor Totoro.The Ghibli Food Recreation menu will be available on October 11, 2022.

Thanks to the entertainment park, and now a special menu from Donan Norin Suisanbu, the prefecture is on the right track to become a popular place for residents and tourists.Fans can eat something in any naked store before or after visiting the amusement park.

Check the special restaurant menu below:

Donan Norin Suisanbu Studio Menu of Denmark Ghibli.Source of the photo: Crunchyroll

Below is a live image of dishes inspired by the Ghibli studio universe.

Various studies inspired by Ghibli vessels are at the exhibition.Photo: Donan Norin Suisanbu

Eat without fear that you will change into a pig

Nine ghibli food products are available for consumption.Fans can taste Siberian cake with The Wind Rises and a strange dish that Chihiro parents eat in a restaurant that turns them into a pig in Spirited Away.Izakay’s translation contains a combination of bamboo shoots, Shiitake mushrooms and minced meat.Both dishes cost 490 yen.

Ponyo’s favorite dish, ramen with two large pieces of ham and half of the boiled egg, is available in the restaurant.Ojiya Shitaki, popularly known as a rice gruel, from Princess Mononoke, is delivered in a small vase.At the same time, the basic, but amazing lunch in the Bento box from My Neighbor Totoro is available for sampling.Each of the three dishes costs 690 yen.

The legendary Calcifer pan from the movable Hauru castle filled with two fried eggs and two sizzling bacon slices costs 790 yen.Although technically not produced by Ghibli, Hayao Miyazaki was a co -author and director of Lupin III: Castle of Caglostro, who has a similar aesthetics of Ghibli.The spaghetti meal with Lupine meatballs is also included in the price of 990 yen.The most expensive is the casserole with pumpkin herring from Kiki’s Delivery Service, which costs 1490 yen.

GHIBLI Studio Amusement Park

The Amusement Park Studio Ghibli, built as a tribute to studio artists, including Miyazaki, enlivens several iconic studies.The park has also been designed so that it is environmentally friendly to minimize the environmental impact.The park will be launched in stages, the first of which will include a great Ghibli magazine, a store of the Szeptu heart, reproduction of the House of Sisters from my neighbor Totoro and Las Dondoko.

In addition, the Park First Phase of the Amusement Park Studio Ghibli will open on November 1 in Aichi Prefecture.