The Eminence in Shadow Episode 4 publishes screenshots, trailers suggesting that Alexia was kidnapped by a perverted crazy scientist

Screenshot from the eminence in Shadow Episode 4, depicting a crazy scientist kidnapper.Photo source:

The release date of the episode Eminence in Shadow 4 is October 26, 2022.

On October 21, 2022, an official Twitter account and an anime adaptation website from The Eminence in Shadow Dark Fantasy Daisuke Aizawy, a series of light novels ISEKEKAI published two trailers of trailers and screenshots from the 4th episode of Kage No Jitsuryokusha or Naritakute.

The first trailer can be viewed on the official Kadokawa Anime channel on YouTube HERE:

TV≫ 「加虐 へ の 報酬」 」

Watch this movie on YouTube trailer The Emine in Shadow Episode 4.

Screenshot of The Eminence in Shadow Episode 4 showing a happy beta version.Photo: @Shadow-

The trailer begins with beta, one of the members of Shadow Garden, who reveals the shadow information she discovered.The cult of Diabolos is definitely behind the kidnapping of Princess Alexia, and their goal is most likely to weaken the royal family.

Alpha seems to be happy that Shadow managed to understand everything so quickly.Then Gamma informs Shadow that their “preparations” for the emergency mission were completed.

Screenshot from the Eminence in Shadow Episode 4, depicting worried Alexia.Photo source:

The next episode is worn by ominously entitled “Award for harassment”, which does not bode well for Alexia.In addition, the trailer is of course a strange man dressed in a white laboratory apron, holding the hostage of Alexia and taking a blood sample from Alexia.

You can watch the second special trailer on the official YouTube Kadokawa Anime channel here:

Version アニメ 『陰 の 実力 者 に なり たく たく て!』 第 第 4 話 予告 ≪ スペシャル スペシャル スペシャル スペシャル TV≫ 「陰 の 実力 者 は は 秘蔵 コレクション に 囲ま 囲ま れ たい!」 」

Watch this movie on YouTube, a special trailer of The Eminence in Shadow Episode 4.

Screenshot of The Eminence in Shadow Episode 4, where CID cries during torture.Photo: @Shadow-

The second trailer is even more disturbing and begins when CID (shadow) is tortured by unknown attackers.

Screenshot from the episode Eminencja in the shade 4, on which Sherry tries to tear Claire’s arm.Photo source:

Then we see Sherry Barnett threatened with a dislocation of Claire Kagenou’s hand for some reason.(Perhaps because of the accusation, CID is behind the kidnapping of the princess).Sherry and Claire are students of the Midgar Royal Spellsword Academy.

The villain states: “If I manage to find [CIDA], I will be able to do funny things with the princess.”It doesn’t sound good at all!

Screenshot of the eminence in the shade of Episode 4, on which Alpha tries to kiss the unconscious cid.Photo: @Shadow-

At the very end of Alpha tries to steal a kiss to Cid.CID can be unconscious because of the consequences of torture he went through.

What is the plot of the eminence in the shade?

Great heroes and Devil’s villains are types of imaginary characters that people dream about, but not cid kagenou.He wants to become a real brain behind all this, pulling the strings and having his machinations that drive the whole story.In his previous life in modern Japan, he was unable to achieve his goals.But now he was reborn in the world of magic and is determined to show the real sublimity of the shadow!

CID pretends to be the average form of the mafia (secondary form) and creates a false organization, which names Shadow Garden.Armed with his excessive imagination, CID invents a whole story about the worship of evil in the shadow, which should be overthrown and begins to recruit members for the case.

Interestingly, these imaginary opponents turn out to be a real opportunity and call themselves the cult of Diabolos.Only CID knows the truth – that everything was to be a joke and their organization is false.But if a false organization manages to save the world from the cult of evil, is it really so imaginary?

Where can I read the light novel or manga series?

In May 2018, a series of light novels Eminence in Shadow began online seriesization on the Shostsuka ni Naro website generated by users (let’s become novelists).From November 2018, Enterbrain (Kadokawa Future Publishing) has acquired a series for publication.

In December 2018, the manga series with art by Anri Sakano in the Seinen Manga Kadokawa Shoten Camp Ace magazine began.In July 2019, spin-off manga setsa at Kage No Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute!Shadow Gaiden (The Eminence in Shadow – Shadow Side Story) was also served by Comp Ace.

Yen Press has a license for both the Light Novel series and the English version of the manga to release in North America.

Do you like eminence in the shade?What do you think, who kidnapped Princess Alexia and what do you think he really is up to?Let us know in the comments section below!