The end of the third part of the Manga Shōwa no Guzeni, return in February

The third part started on August 4

Shōwa no gurazeni


In the morning in October 2020, the first part ended in December 2021 to make room for Kury Gurazeni Dai League, the latest history of Gurazeni.Manga continued its second part on March 3 and ended on April 28.The third part was then released on August 4

Manga baseball Moritaki and Adachi Gurazeni focuses on a baseball team, which acts as a highly stratified society in which the player’s results determine his annual salary.The story tells about the eight -year -old aid with a strange left hand, called Natsunosuke Bond, when he fights for survival in the strict team system.

Gurazeni Dai League-Hen ended her first part on February 17 and continued her second part on May 19.

Screenwriter Moritaka and artist Adachi began the seriesization of the original series in 2010.The original series ended in 2014 with 17 volumes, but the creators released the manga Gurazeni in the same year: Tokyo Dome-Hen Sequel.Tokyo Dome-Hen ended in February 2018, and the new series entitled Gurazeni: Pa League-Hen (Pacific League) began in March 2018. Pa League-Hen ended its 13th volume, which was sent in October 2021.

The original manga inspired two TV series Anime, which premiered in April 2018 and October 2018.Crunchyroll broadcast both anime during their broadcast.

Manga also recently inspired the spinoff manga of Gurazeni: Natsunosuke no Seishun (Gurazeni: Natsunosuke’s Youth) by Yōsuke Uzumaki, which debuted in the Kodansha’s Evening magazine in March 2020.Manga was suspended in July 2021.

Source: Morning edition 46