The film Anime “Kagami No Kojou” reveals an additional cast, the first trailer

The official website of the adaptation of the anime movie Kagami No Kojou Mizuki Tsujimury (Lonely Castle in the Mirror)

We revealed

Four additional cast, a theme song, the first trailer and key picture (pictured) on Friday.The premiere of the film in Japan is scheduled for December 23.


Akiko Yajima (Mobile Suit Gundam Wing)

Karen Miyama (Momo e no tegami)

Anji Ikehat

Ayaka Yoshimura

Yuuri (sk∞) performs the leading song “Merry-Go-Round”, which is shown in the trailer below.

Keiichi Hara (Birthday Wonderland) directs the film in A-1 Pictures.Keigo Sasaki (Ao No Exorcist) is a designer of the character and the main director of the animation.Miho Maruo (Flanders No Inu (Film)) writes the script, and Harumi Fuki (Piano No Mori (TV)) composes music.

The anime film is an adaptation of the fantasy novel by Mizuki Tsujimura, originally published by Publishing in May 2017. The novel was re -published as a two -volume edition in a soft cover in March 2021.

The adaptation of the manga with the Illustrations Tomo Taketomi was in episodes in the Ultra Jump magazine from Shueisha from June 2019 to February 2022. Shueisha sent the fifth and last volume on May 18.



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