The film Anime Saku Sakamoto Feast of Amrita reveals the cast, May 26, debut

The staff of the film Anime Saku Sakamoto The Feast of Amrita (Amrita No Kyōen) revealed the main cast of the film and on May 26, 2023, the date of the cinema premiere on Friday.

The cast includes:

Maaya Uchida as the heroine of Tamahi Mamiko Noto as Aki, a friend of Tamahi, as yū, a classmate

The staff also revealed eight new screenshots from the film.

The premiere of the film will take place on May 26 at Cine Libre Ikebukoro in Tokyo and at Cine Free Umeda in Osaka.The film was originally planned for the premiere in 2021, but was postponed because of Covid-19.

As in the case of Aragne: Sign of Vermilion, Sakamoto himself produces a new anime film – he produces the original concept, as well as writing, animating and directorial of anime and composing music.Few anime production lasting longer than 60 minutes contained a one -man production team in the past.

Sakamoto led a successful

Crowdfunding campaign

to help in financing Aragne: anime Vermilion anime on the Japanese Crowdfunding Makuake platform.The project achieved its goal of 2 million yen (about USD 17,800) in March 2017. Then the employees conducted a successful campaign on Kickstarter regarding translation into English and funds to display a film at festivals.The campaign lasted from September to October 2017. The film was displayed at the Fantasia festival in Montreal in Canada in July 2018.

Sakamoto started working as an independent anime creator in 2002. He directed Minna No Uta in NHK.He also worked on 3D computer graphics for Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocent and created short tourist anime for Matsuyama City in 2014.

Source: Press information