The film “Black clover” will be released in March 2023 and will be broadcast on Netflix!Seki Toshihiko plays the original character in a film that presents a new battle for “King Wizards”.

The first film adaptation of the manga “Black clover” is entitled “Black clover: Sword of the Wizard King” and will be released in cinemas throughout the country on March 31, 2023 and will be broadcast worldwide on Netflix.In addition, a visual trailer was published re -drawn by the original author, Tabata Yuki, a special report and the original character played by Seki Toshihiko, and a comment from tabata also appeared.

“Black clover” is a fantasy of a magical creation, which is currently served in “Weekly Shonen Jump” Tabaty Yuki.In a world in which magic is everything, history tells about Aś, a boy born without magic, who wants to become a “king of wizards”, the peak of magicians, to overcome adversity, prove his power and keep the oath he took to his friends.The television anime was broadcast from October 2017 to March 2021 in the number of 170 episodes.

The film “Black clover: The Sword of the Wizarding King”, whose official title was announced, will contain an original story, which was not presented in the original works.Tabata, the author of the original story, will be responsible for the supervision of the film and the development of the character, and the film will tell the story of the Wizard King, which has not been disclosed in the original story.

A special trailer released with the film begins with a look back at the current story of the series.He tells the story of the Wizard King, who was not revealed in the original story, and shows the appearance of the previous king of the Wizards, Conrad, which was designed by Tabata himself.He says a significant statement: “Today … I will change this country”, and at the end of the movie Asta gives the impression of my fighting spirit: “Never give up, it’s my magic!”The film ends with an impressive picture of the Asta fighting spirit.

It was also proved that the original hero of the film, Conrad, will play Seki Toshihiko, known from Kibutsuji Muzan in “Demon Sammer” and Doi Hansuke in “Nintama Rantaro”.

In addition, a trailer was also unveiled by the original author.The visualization of the trailer presents Asta holding a sword with a strong look and a powerful message: “Never give up with a spirit is my magic.”What does the title of the film “Black clover: Sword of the Wizarding King” mean?He imposes more expectations on the film.

The film “Black clover: The Sword of the Wizarding King” will be released on March 31, 2023, and will also be broadcast worldwide on Netflix.We are looking forward to more information on this subject in the future.

Tabata Yuki, author, manager and designer of the character of the film

It seems that the visualizations and special report “Blaclo” was finally released!

The story concerns the “King of Wizards”, which I wondered whether to write in the original or not, and they made a movie out of it!

This is a story that I wondered if I would do in the original, but I think it will be a film in which you will be able to admire the great and effective battles between Asta and his powerful enemies!

Director Tanemura and Studio Pierrot are working hard on this film … !!

Thank you very much!!!We are waiting for March !!!I can’t wait for it too !!!

(C) Committee on the production of “Black Clover” 2023 (C) Tabata Yuki/Shueisha

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