The final settlement event of the Gintam anime will take place in March

The final settlement event of the Anime series




Hideaki Sorachi will take place on March 19, 2023. The event will take place in Ryogok Kokugik in Tokyo.It will be the seventh time when the Anime series will organize a special event from March 2010.

The final billing event is called “Ato No Matsuri”, which literally means “after the festival”.However, this also translates into “too late to regret”.Although the literal meaning of the title means: the festival after the end of the anime.

So the phrase Atonomatsuri begins!Let’s go together to the other side of the final!

The whole main cast of Seiyu will gather again in the event.They found themselves in the cast

Tomokazu Sugita

(Gintoki sakata),

Daisuke Sakaguchii

(Shinpachi shimura),

Rie Kugimiya


Susumu Chiba

(Isao Kondo),

Kazuya Nakai

(Toshiro Hijikata),

Kenichi Suzumura

(Sougo okita),

Totsuhara Ohta

(Yamazaki sagar),

Mikako Takahashi

(Sadaharu/TSU TERAKADO).



The Japanese rock band consisting of 3 members will also perform at this event.They provided anime leading songs.The ticket lottery will take place in advance from 11 to 27 October.

They even released the above visual key to the announcement.

The original manga Hideaki Sorachi began to appear in episodes in 2003 and ended in June 2019 with over 55 million copies sold.Manga also received television series anime with many seasons, as well as two previous anime movies.The last season of the anime was broadcast in July 2018.

Crunchy Rolls broadcasts the entire anime season with English inscriptions.In addition, it also has different episodes of OVA, event anime, two live action films and two live spin-off series.

VIZ Media publishes the English version of the manga and series in the first 23 volumes.

The series is considered by critics and fans as one of the best series of anime all time.Parodies and gags of other anime series, especially those from Dragon Ball from Akira Toriyama, drew the viewers’ attention to the series.


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