The first serious fight of Chainsaw Mana is a bloody Swedish table with zombies.

The first episode of Chainsaw Man is a clear success.Produced by the Mappa studio and directed by Jujutsu Kaisen, a member of Ryū Nakayama, a 12-episode adaptation of the aime of the groundbreaking manga of Tatsuki Fujimoto Action perfectly gives the tone to the series thanks to beautiful animations, lively pace and extremely brutal action.

The latter quality is fully visible in the climax of the first episode of the series “Dog and Piła chains”.In the first premiere clash of Denji, he transforms into a human hybrid and the Devil Chainsaw Man to face the first main opponent of the series, the Zombie devil.

It will be normal for the course.Leaving the manga, the series takes place in an alternative 1997, in which humanity is feeding by the race of supernatural creatures known as devils.The exact origin of the devils is unknown, although it is known that these monsters are a manifestation of negative feelings and emotions common to the collective human subconscious, as well as the phenomenon of “curse” in Jujutsu Kaisen.

At the beginning of the episode, we see Denji and his dog capture on the tomato devil, then briefly break away from the consequences of the meeting, and Denji triumphantly stands at the top of the giant corpse of this creature.orders from his boss Yakuza.Only in the last third part of the episode, after Denji is betrayed by his employers from Yakuza in exchange for a contract with the so -called Zombie devil promise, we see Denji fully cut off to tear and go to action.Mappa/crunchyroll

After the Horde’s settlement, Denji for the first time transforms a mechanical saw – with a naked torso, a yellow -eyed warrior with chainsaw blades protruding from the forehead and arms like Hellraiser Cenobite crossed with the hardware alley of Home Depot.After a short break, Denji does not waste time, throwing himself to the action, sneaking next to the defensive line of buckling of the devil’s zombies and pushing forward to pierce the devil’s skull with his chain saw on the head and arms.

There is as much noteworthy sequence of the anime fight as there are drops of water in the ocean.From the works of Hiroyuki Okiura and Mitsuo ISO on a fierce shooting between Motoko Kusanagi and the spider tank in Ghost in the Shell from 1995 to almost every sequence of action in Cowboy Bebop and My Hero Acadekaren Yutaka Nakamura ever put his hands, a common feature shared by almost ifNot every great fight of anime is a solid direction of animation and skilful key animators, entrusted with time, resources and expressive freedom to cut off and really put your own style on the stage.

Photo: mappa/crunchyroll

Director Ryū Nakamura, manufacturer of animation Keisuke Seshimo and director of the Tatsuya Yoshihara campaign gathered talented animators to live to revive Chainsaw Man, most of which or earlier worked on jujutsu kaisen and jujutsu kaisen 0 or anime series and films like One Punch Man, Fire Force, Berserk, Berserk: The Golden Age Arc and the Kizumonogatari film trilogy.From beginning to end, the climax of the debut episode of Chainsaw Man is an exemplary feat of the craftsmanship, which was possible only thanks to solid production and careful planning, which allows these artists and animators to do what they do best – doing shit.

One of the outstanding shots of the whole fight, which can be seen in the third trailer of the series for a moment, is the situation in which the devil-Zombie, in a fit of desperation caused by pain, grabs Chainsaw Mana one of his guts of tentacles to throw him through the room and break into the nearbyA beam supporting the concert.This is an unusual, dynamic sequence possible thanks to skillful key animation in combination with the impressive mapping of the 3D camera.The stage as a whole is stunning in action and indicates even more impressive sequences that will appear for the rest of the season.