The fluffy altaria of the natural size glides in the Pokémon Centers

Altaria is over a meter high, it costs 55,000 yen (about USD 380)

The dimensions of the plush are 96 x 131 x 90 centimeters (i.e. about 37.8 x 51.6 x 35.4 inches).It costs 55,000 yen (about USD 380).Pre -sale orders have been opened in the online store of the Japanese Pokémon Center on Friday and will last until November 7.Orders will be sent in mid -May next year.

Other charming pokémon of natural size over the years is a gigantic snorlax, powerful pikachu, riding Lapras, very long furret and – recently – jumping spheal.


Pokémon Center website

by Siliconeer