The Ghibli theme park reveals that it is a nostalgic feast for anime fans

Have you ever just wanted to enter the movie Anime Studio Ghibli and discover miracles for yourself?It seems that the upcoming Ghibli park will allow you to do this.You do not believe me?So why don’t you watch the ad below and admire the attractions related to anime?

Ready to enter the movie Anime Studio Ghibli?

Ah, it brings so much nostalgia.



Catsuka’s account (French website created in 2000 and devoted to animation) I just published this advertisement of the upcoming Ghibli Park above.As you can guess from the advertisement, the whole amusement park is basically the official undertaking of the Ghibli Studio, which aims to enable visitors to enter directly to one of their anime films.The advertisement even presents a very wide range of anime movies that appeared in the amusement park.

To start with: Ghibli Park will welcome visitors to an animatron reconstruction of one of the aircraft from the sequence opening the castle in the sky, along with the rotating propellers and slightly rowing air oars.You know, just like the one from Ghibli Expo in 2016.Then we go to monuments such as Galeria full Dioram Studio Ghibli from the mentioned Castle in the Sky, Porco Rosso, Ponyo, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke and others.You can even enter the house of Satsuki and Mei from My Neighbor Totoro for a walk and see if you can notice any soot ghosts when you are with it.You can also develop a Tanuki strategy with Pomo or enter the huge world straight from The Secret World of Arrietty.

All in all, this advertisement makes Ghibli Park like a wonderful dream.Which means it works exactly as intended.Best of all, Twitter’s post shows that it won’t take much time before we see it ourselves.The Ghibli park will be officially opened

November 1, 2022

.At the time of writing this text, there is less than a month, so you won’t have to wait long.Unfortunately, this Ghibli theme park will only be available in Aichi, Japan in the foreseeable future.Unfortunately, you need to book a ticket abroad if you want to experience this magic yourself, what you can do on the website

official website

(of course in Japanese).

Ghibli Park: Future changes

Of course, Yubaba is busy completing all documents regarding further development.

However, the official opening of the Ghibli Park does not mean stopping development.They have more attractions in work.



“Mononoke Village”

.As the name suggests, this attraction will be based on the village of Emishi Ashitaki and Irontown Lady Eboshi from Princes Mononoke.Not only can you admire the models of various creatures from this movie Studio Ghibli, but you can also work with bellows, just like Ashitaka with employees.



will see openly

“Witch Valley”

.As you can guess by the name, it is mainly based on the Kiki delivery service.This attraction will contain the restoration of the Kiki Parents’ House, as well as the bakery, where Gütiokipänjä worked.In combination with the fact that restaurants are part of this area, it creates interesting possibilities for the bakery.I would love to buy bread and cakes from this bakery.Especially this beautiful fish cake from the anime movie.

It probably tastes as good as it looks.

Not only the Kiki delivery service will be available in the Witches’ Valley.Apparently in this part of the Ghibli Park we will also see Hauru’s movable castle.By the way, I mean literally.In this part of the park there will be a replica of a natural size castle.There will even be a replica of the Sophie hat store in the castle itself.If this does not make you mention these films of the Anime Studio Ghibli, it means that you do not have a soul.

Presumably what it will look like after finishing.