The infamous software for sharing files is guilty of acting films in 2023

The film will perform Masahiro Higashide (Death Note Light Up the New World of Tsukuro Mishima, Crows Explode Kazeo Kaburagi) as a developer guilty of Isamu Kaneko and Takahiro Miura (live).Attack on Jean Tytana, Furuy from the Space battleship Yamato) as a lawyer Kaneko, Toshimitsu Dan.

Yusaku Matsumoto (Kamisama No Ekohiiki, Made in Japan) is the script author and director of the film.He is distributed by Kddi and Nakachika.

The producer of Satoshi Furuhashi launched in February 2018.


to create a film documenting the Uprising and Fall.The campaign earned over eight times more than 100,000 yen (then about USD 919).

According to Furuhashi, the film is the Japanese equivalent of The Social Network directed by David Fincher in 2010, which tells the story of the creation of Facebook.The film will show how technology has initiated current internet trends, such as Bitcoin and NFT, and show how the Japanese legal system at that time inhibited technological innovations.

Wine software to exchange file in Peer-to-Peer mode was released in 2002 by an anonymous computer engineering assistant known as “47-SHI” (“Mr. 47”).The software promised anonymity to its users, but High-Tech Crime Task Force has found flaws in the integrated function of the forum.After the arrest of two users for sharing copyright protected materials using the guilty in 2003, Isamu Kaneko became the developer, a former researcher from the University of Tokyo.He was arrested in 2004.He was sentenced and sentenced to a fine of 1.5 million yen (about USD 12,000) in 2006.During the arrest and trial, another anonymous programmer created the successor of the application called Share, which uses the wine exchange network.Since security analysts also detected errors in Share in 2006, further applications are developed.

Kaneko finally won the appeal in 2009, and the Supreme Court in Osaka set aside his judgment.A judge of the Supreme Court in Osaka, Masazo Ogura, said that Kaneko does not encourage people to use to use the illegal distribution of copyrights protected by copyright.The defense of Kaneko argued that technological development would be difficult if the developers were responsible for the activities of their software users.His legal defense was supported by donations.

Kaneko died in 2013 at the age of 42.At the time of his death, Kaneko worked as the founder and innovation director at the Skeed content distribution website, as well as a special instructor at the Tokyo University of Information Technology Center.



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