The last game, the story of seven lives and the manga of the great snake, the bride in the translation into English during the Seven Seas license

From the Rom-comes to a piece of life with the cat, the main character, Seven Seas has many prime minister in 2023 to arouse excitement of manga fans.Picture source: Gin Shirakawa, Fushashikumo, Shinobu Amano

The constantly growing catalog of publishers Seven Seas has three new additions to their licensed assortment-including the popular Rom-COM SHINOBU series Amano Last Game.As always, Seven Seas is open

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in which fans can ask for their favorite songs published in the West!

Mangaka Shinobu Amano is known from the extensive Mang Shoujo list, including fragments of the summer of 2010 and the latest issue of Shinimodori Reijou No Lucetta.Their work has not yet been adapted by the anime, but with the revival of the popularity of Last Game-and generally Rom-comes from Kaguya-Sama: Love is War, which collects mass noise-maybe this will change in the future.

Last game, in episodes in


– Shoujo’s monthly magazine – follows the life of Yanagi Noto, heir to the hotel tycoon and the self -proclaimed king of his junior high school.The best in his class and talented athlete, Notota enjoyed the easy life of the elite … At least until Kujou Mikoto dethroned him.

Soft and digital edition

first volume

It will be published in May 2023 for readers from North America.

What is the plot of volume 1 a story of Seven Lives?

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Comic IT

, The story of seven lives Gina Shirakawy is a fragment of life a story about a stray cat named Nanao.Shiramawa is also the artist Back to School Life in Magic Academy with ex after reincarnation – cooperation with the writer Eiko Mutsuhana.

By experiencing his first severe winter on the streets, young Nanao is convinced that with his kitten Machi can lead a long and satisfying life.However, when the food becomes shorter, Nanao may be forced to rely on those he hated: on people.This is one of the many manga focusing on cats that will soon be issued from My New Life AS A Cat Konomi, which will be released in April 2023.


The story of seven lives

It will be released in May 2023 in paper and digital versions.Due to the short duration of the song, the whole will be released in one omnibus.

What is the plot of volume 1 The Great Snake’s Bride?

Those who are looking for an affair with a supernatural accent.The bride of the Great Snake must check.The arranged marriage of Miyo is much more terrifying than she has ever imagined.Beloved by a snake, Lord Daiji (a name that means a snake in Japanese), only dreams of escaping.But despite her scaly and dangerous character, Lord Daija turns out to be a better companion than Miyo could imagine.

Internet Manga Fushashikumo The Great Snake’s Bride – not to be confused with the Webtoon Seonseeon The Snake’s Bride series – began serialization in

Comic Marche

In February 2021, fans excited about the upcoming anime Sacrificial Princess and the King of Beasts should certainly keep this manga on their radar.

Great bride

Volume 1 is to appear in July 2023 in both soft and digital frames.