The Last of Us 3: Return of the controversial character?The actress answers

If the idea of The Last of Us 3 really materializes in the next few years, a figure that has not been unanimous may return.In any case, this is the wish of his actress.

It has not yet been released, or even in the development phase, so that The Last of Us 3 could still shake the Internet.

Actress Abby wants to be in The Last of Us 3

Laura Bailey, an actress who plays the broadly discussed character Abby in The Last of Us Part II, I would like to take part in the third (and last?) Series game.

I will gladly come back to her.I know that his character caused a lot of drama and reaction, but this is one of the most important roles I have in my life.If the opportunity arose, I would come back 100%to play more scenes as Abby.

Laura Bailey by

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So Abby in The Last of Us 3?It is too early to say it, especially since Naughty Dog is not really working on it at the moment.Neil Druckmann and co -scientist Halley Gross have already written an outline of this story.

For various reasons, which are best to discover for herself, and in particular, the figure of Abby was and is still very controversial.To the extent that his actress Laura Bailey was harassed and received threats on social networks.Hatred she didn’t expect.

Laura Bailey’s doubts

During the game Laura Bailey also did not like this character and even her performance .. An opinion that changed thanks to her husband’s support.

It was difficult, but I think it’s an amazing story, and ABBY is just one of the greatest characters I played.I knew this story;I knew what I was packing, and when the release came and I played from Abby, I still didn’t like her.I didn’t like my performance.I didn’t like the character.

I remember playing three hours on the day of the premiere and told my husband Travis: “I don’t like what I did.I’m not good.It’s terrible.I don’t know how I was chosen for this role.All these years of work for nothing.He told me: “Close, come back and keep playing because you lack objectivity.”I continued to play and thought: “Ok, I just had to acclimatize because I didn’t like myself, I didn’t like Abby.”