The lost pilot of the animated series Kingdom Hearts was revealed

Despite the involvement of many well -known Disney characters in the Kingdom Hearts series over the years, Square Enix and Disney maintained relations between these two series relatively distant.Characters from Kingdom Hearts usually do not appear in Disney parks, for example, except for a rare costume appearance.But there was once a time when Disney himself intended to directly involve Sora and other characters from Kingdom Hearts in his media empire.Animator Seth Kearsley revealed the animated sequence, which once was to be the Kingdom Hearts cartoon pilot produced by Disney.

Check the following animated animated film Kingdom Hearts.”Animatyk” is basically the scene of “conceptual art” for animated and acting production.Usually, it aims to give production staff an approximate view on how a given sequence will run in motion.The animations are often created by filming the cages of the scene in the sequence and setting the result on musical readings or dialogues.More modern productions sometimes use raw CGI or replacement models and existing resources.

The 11-minute pilot program takes place in Medias Res, shot as if it was an episode taking place somewhere around the series.He uses the narrative of Jimina Cricket to present the basic assumptions of Kingdom Hearts, and briefly summarize his interpretation of the relationship between Sora, Riku and Kairi.In the cartoon “Kingdom Hearts” Sora would travel around the universe in search of missing friends, while Riku would get stuck working with Maleficent for the same reason.In the meantime, Donald and Goofy will act as guides and mentors for a young traveler, because they are designed to find the prophecy hero to repel the invasion of cruel.The trailer presents an approximate summary of the adventure of Sora, Goofy and Donald in Agrabah.

Kearsley, who worked on the project as an executive producer, found the VHS Animatic recording at the end of last month.It was originally produced in 2003 to present the Kingdom Hearts cartoon to Disney and Square Enix directors.Although the project was initially green in 2002 (after the premiere of the first game on PS2), it was finally rejected.

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Kearsley explained his motivation to share the content, even though he had not said much about it for almost 20 years.In addition, he showed more production materials, which were almost never seen in public.One interesting curiosity: actor Haley Joel Osment was not available to express Sora because of the schedule’s obligations, although a significant part of the game of the voice game repeated their roles.

Although the Kingdom Hearts cartoon has been canceled before it can be produced, games are available on various platforms.Kingdom Hearts 4 is also in the development phase.