The Lupine Zero anime set for releasing in December 2022 will discover the beginnings of Lupin

The Lupine Zero six -day anime was announced with the release date in December 2023.The plot of the spin-off will explore the beginnings of the third Lupine and will have an early premiere at this year’s NYC anime on November 18.Hidive will stream anime;The same service also has original anime.The trailer and visualization were revealed.

The Lupine Zero team includes:


Daisuke Sakou (Lupine third part 5, Yokai watch)

Series supervisor:

Ichirou Okouchi (Lupine Third Part 5, Kabneri from the Iron Fortress)

Research on settings:

Seiichi Shirato (Lupine Third Part 5, Jormungand)

Character designer:

Asami taguchi (Lupine third part 5, chain chronicle: Light Haecceitas)


Yoshiide Otomo (AMA Chan, Inu-Oh)

Animation production:

Telecom Animation Film Co., Ltd. Presented by TMS Entertainment Co., Ltd.

TMS Entertainment describes the story as follows:

How did this young boy become a well -known thief gentleman “Lupine III”?

Since the first serialization of the world -famous Monkey Punch manga “Lupin The 3rd” in 1967 Lupine III storm the world and appeared in various media.However, despite his long -term status and fame of the world’s greatest thief, there was once a time when even Lupine III was young and inexperienced.

Loosely based on young Lupin III from the original manga,

Lupine zero

He will tell a nostalgic, but completely new, original story, and finally raising the veil of the modest beginnings of Lupine III.Established in an era, in which the original series was published for the first time, the anime presents the young Lupine III running around the streets of Japan in the 1960s during an economic boom in this country.

The young boy climbs the stairs to the wickedness.What did he think about and what steps did he take?

This is an unspoken story of the origin of the world’s greatest thief.

The Lupine series is based on the manga by Monkey Punch.It lasted from 1967 to 1972 and gave birth to many spin-offs, side stories, anime and film adaptations.


TMS entertainment

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