The maid I have recently hired is mysterious – Episode 11

Well, this final just stole to us, right?The maid, which I recently hired, is mysterious, not only ends with a very small accumulation, but at the same time answers a few questions, and also goes back in some things that seemed to me earlier.Although I like some points where the series ends, it best reflects the general confusion that the series left me.The mysterious maid can be incredibly warming and influenced when he examines the topics of a found family and dealing with loneliness, to look uncomfortably when gestures at the romance between our two main characters, and even frustrates, as if spitting in the face of his own assumption.

Let’s start with the last point, because this episode simply accidentally and unceremoniously answers one of the biggest questions that I and many other people watched this program. The relationship between Lilith and Yuuri from the time when they were younger were irritated in the first episode. We knew that the reason for the arrival of Lilith was that he was hiding behind this facade of mystery, which made everyone, including Yuuri, be even more curious about her. She was very caring for this information, as well as where she worked earlier, and the last 10 episodes constantly confirmed that there was a deeper reason for all this secret. In the end, if Lilith decided to work under the guidance of Yuuri for a simple and mundane reason, and her former master would have no problem with changing work, would she put all the effort into feeling her past? Mysterious “seem really unnecessary and even frustrating?


It turns out that the reason why Lilith knows Yuuri and his family is that at a young age she also lost her parents and was jumped after various families before the Yuuri family for a short time looked after her. I really have no idea why it was a secret at all. I also have no idea why he still can’t tell Yuuri all this in the same way he explains to his former master at the beginning of this episode. The episode literally ends when Lilith hopes that Yuuri will continue to like her, even when he finds out more about her, and I sit here all this time and scream to the monitor, “Why don’t you only smoke him?” Maybe there is some other hidden detail about her past, which she does not want to bring to light? I thought that maybe her former master knew something about her, so she was so adamant to keep her secret, but not, not only her former master was completely cool and understood why she was there, but she is very polite to Yuuri, when she meets him. I feel that this episode hurts me, that I have invested in this story at all.

And then the series makes a very strange decision to end with this hint of ambiguity regarding whether they will not be between Yuuri and Lilith.Although they go out on a date – not to mention the fact that everything we saw in their relationship clearly indicates that their love for each other is much more romantic than a family – the writer decided to present at the last moment the idea that maybe this is notThis is a kind of love that both of them have.I could believe it if he were introduced earlier, but not quite after the two of them said everything they have.I just think it’s a really strange sense of time and I’m not entirely sure what the intention should be.

And this is a double frustrating, because I think it would make the series more interesting if it was unclear and ambiguous to the very end.I was already of the opinion that Yuuri is too young to understand or distinguish these types of love at all, especially since he is at a very sensitive moment of his life, in which he will probably just stick to everyone to fulfill this void of loneliness.There could be a really interesting conversation about the exact role of Lilith plays in his life, whether as a lover, an older sister or a adoptive mother.In fact, I think their romance would be more credible if there were a little more exploration or reflection on where these feelings come from.

The maid, which I recently hired, is mysterious, had many good, well -written moments that were promising.She had convincing figures and showed that she could be dark and honest, and even stupid at different times without causing spine injuries.However, my biggest problem is that even to the very end I am not 100% sure what he wanted to do with these characters and motives, because I think he is trying to shout many things at once, although this is the only way, some messages canexplain, ignoring others.Even if the second season was to come out, I’m not sure how you can fix some problems arising in the first season, because the foundation is so shaky and uneven.I’m not angry and I’m not disappointed – I’m just very confused.


The maid, which I hired recently, is mysterious, is currently broadcast to Crunchyroll.