The Midnight Club: What can you expect after season 2?The first confessions of the creator

The Midnight Club to Hit Netflix.And fans are already wondering what to expect next … Attention, spoilers!

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Netflix series

It follows a group of teenagers in a terminal phase of the disease.These young people meet every evening Fr.


to tell terrifying stories.Reality and fiction are intertwined to enable these teenagers

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.A successful plant for Mike Flanagan, who has already gained the reputation of the horror master.However, it has the habit of creating short series, never needing a sequel.However, the last episode of The Midnight Club brings


which announces the arrival of the sequel.

Indeed, Mike Flanagan confided in


.He explains what the end of the first season means.Viewers will remember that they have seen


Hourglass on the back of Dr. Stanton’s neck.This detail combines it with perfection.Mike Flanagan exclaims: »

I don’t want to spoil anything!

“He continues:” The relationship between Stanton and the receipt and this world was very important.»Mike Flanagan adds:” Where does this bond come from and what it really means for her character, I think it will remain surprising.

After all, we always hide some cards in the sleeves

.But yes, I think it was a very funny moment of tension.

We will come back to this very early in the second season.

, if it is.If not, I will tell you about it on Twitter.»No details have been revealed to the world, but all of them


They can make us think that Dr. Santon is


daughter of Regina Ballard.

Important imagination in The Midnight Club

Why did the finale of the first season focus on teenage terrifying stories instead of developing the general plot?Ign did not have the opportunity to ask Mike Flanagan.But he still spoke about

the importance of history

at The Midnight Club.He explains: “I really believe that when we die, we become stories in the imagination of those who loved us.»He adds:” This allowed us to never really make the characters disappear in the series.They remained in the imagination of their friends and continued to play their role.

If the series has the second season

And I don’t know if this will happen,

Our idea is to stop most of the cast

.They appear in the stories of others, even if the narrator has disappeared.»In any case, all these revelations give us only one desire: writing the second season!