The movie anime a turtle’s shell is a human’s ribs reveals new cast members, a film clip

The official website of the adaptation of the anime Satoshi Kawasaki’s Shell is a Human’s Ribs (Kame No Kōra Wa Abarabone) revealed a new fragment of the film and an additional cast for the film on Thursday.

The singer and actor, the voice of Amsuki (in the photo above, at the top on the left) lends the voice of Samesea Samezu (character at the bottom left), who has teeth similar to sharks and likes to bite various things.The singer and voice actress Ayahi Takagaki (in the photo above in the upper right corner) puts the voice of the film’s narrative and performs the insert “Bone Hymn” (Hone Sanbika).

The YouTube channel ASMiK ACE also began the transmission of the clip from a film depicting the form of a singing, biting microphone and floating in the air.

Previously announced cast members are:

The mass of Mori (screenwriter Obey Me!) Directed the film in Type Zero, and also wrote the script together with Shinichi Tanaka.The project was developed by the Outriger studio.



on the anime Expo 3 and 4.Anime Expo schedule describes the film:

“Hi?The turtle shell is really human ribs? “” Inverse, the bent knee’s knee is a human cube!? “The illustrated encyclopedia turtle shell is the rib of a man by Satoshi Kawasaki (SB Creative) clearly illustrates what it looked like if the human body acquired the body mechanics of various animals.This amazing book, with her outstanding animals-lubars, attracted a lot of attention and became a big hit in Japan!And finally he was converted into an animated film!

Ion Entertainment and Asmic Ace


Film in January.

Kawasaki published an original book with pictures in 2019.

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