The new chapters Hunter X Hunter will be officially released on October 23, the cover of volume 37 was revealed

The new Hunter X Hunter chapters will be released on October 23, and the series officially continues to serve with number 47 at Weekly Shonen Jump.The official return of the hit Manga series occurred after the creator of Yoshiriro Togashi mentioned the return of May 24 on his new Twitter account.Shonen Jump also published all current 390 chapters of Hunter X Hunter in his mobile application, which are currently available to all members.As part of the announcement, the cover of volume 37 was also revealed.

Shueisha spokesman

She confirmed that the Twitter account, which announced the return of the series, was the official Togashi account.Illustrator One Punch Man, Yusuke Murata, also confirmed the authenticity of the account, quoting the tweet of “man himself” in May.

Ff_normaly.This will be the first edition of the Hunter X Hunter manga chapter since the break in the series almost four years ago.The news has gained popularity around the world on Twitter, and Togashi gained up to 1.27 million followers within the first 24 hours of entering a social networking site.His current 3 million followers are the most of all manga authors, and the creator of My Hero Acadekaren Kohei Horikoshi ranks second with 2.1 million.

Hunter X Hunter started series in 1998 at Weekly Shonen Jump and since then he published a total of 36 volumes.Since the serialization, the series has been suspended on seven different occasions, and recently a break that began in November 2018 and ended earlier this year, this is the longest so far.Hunter X Hunter is one of the most successful Mang series series with over 84 million copies in circulation from October 2022.

Hunter x hunter manga summary

Gon can be a boy from the village, but he has high aspirations.Despite Aunt Mito’s protests, Gon decides to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a legendary hunter.The hopes of hunters begin their journey on a thrown storm of the ship, where Gon meets Leorio and a prank, the only other candidates who are not devastated by seizure attacks.

After experiencing the horrors on the high seas, the chase and his companions must now prove their value in various tests to find an elusive exam room.And when they get there, will they ever leave …?


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The miniature contains covers of volumes 1-36, created by @erichimmelheber

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