The new D4DJ unit includes a few lesbians

The profile says that Kokoa Shinomiya, Hayate Tendо̄ are currently meeting

The D4DJ Bushiroad project announced a new unit on Tuesday.Among the four new members, Kokoa Shinomiya and Hayate Tendо̄ are particularly noteworthy for fans, because their profiles say they are in a romantic relationship.

From the left: Hayate Tendal, Lumina ichihoshi, Michiru Kaibara, Kokoa Shinomiya

According to the Kokoa profile, she formed a two -man unit from Hayate when they were in junior high school, and now their relationship has developed to the point where they meet.The Hayate profile also states that “currently meets Kokoa.”

Both girls attend the Arisugawa Academy.Kokoa is an honorable student who has a sharp language and strong will, while Hayate grew up as a loner, but came out of her shell after hearing Kokoa’s songs.For the first time she began to write poems and discovered her talent for writing songs.

The English Franchise account on Twitter was a shout for two characters and the LGBTQ+community.

Happy National Day of Coming Outu for the entire LGBTQ+community, but also for the first two years of the Arisugawa Academy

– d4dj groovy mix en (@d4dj_game_en)

October 11, 2022

The other two members of the unit are Michiru Kaibara and Lumina Ichhoshi.Michiru is a quick student and the best DJ of the group, and Lumina is a popular virtual singer who proposed the creation of a group of four.

The new unit was announced as part of the second anniversary of the D4DJ Groovy Mix smartphone release and appeared in the third part of the main story.

D4DJ First Mix, the main television anime of the series, had its premiere in Japan in October 2020. A series of short films of anime entitled Pucchimik D4dj Petit Mix began in February 2021. As part of the D4DJ Photon Maiden TV program, the premiere of the D4DJ Double Mix program took place 19of August.

The second season of the main series, entitled D4DJ All Mix, will premiere in the winter of 2023.

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